CNN presenter speaks on money found in Ikoyi apartment

Richard Quest speaks on a range of topics during his interview on Nigeria Info FM.

Richard Quest

The famous CNN presenter and journalist is in the country to shoot how easy it is to do business in Nigeria and also the challenges. He will be spending a week in the country.

Yesterday, Monday, April 24, 2017, Mr Quest was at Nigeria Info FM for an early morning interview.

During the lively interview, Richard Quest spoke about the $38M found in an Ikoyi apartment.

"The best story of the day apart from Macron has to be the money found in the apartment" Richard Quest said in his radio interview.

He further said "The next best thing is the head of the security force who says it was money that was being kept for covert operations that nobody seemed to know anything about.

"These are very serious and legitimate questions. And if these spark a debate that goes further and further than the usual debate...if that is all it does then you have wasted a good crisis.

"But if it sparks a real debate about what transparency, and where money is spent, and accountability then it is to the good. The whole whistle blower law, that has been introduced, that has brought in so much money, that has started a process, I am telling you something it won't be my generation that will see the end of this, it probably won't be yours, it would probably be your children's generation that will see finally the fruition of what we start to see now."

He also shared his opinion about the whistle blowing policy. "Anything that starts this process, you cannot continue to go round the world or exist in the world with policies that either promote or facilitates lax of transparency or corruption.

"You simply cannot. I mean there are rules against that in the rest of the world. And that is a stain, and that is going to take more than just a little bit of talk to clean up."

Popular LGBT rights activist Bisi Alimi has criticised the manner in which Nigerian media has been all over Richard Quest since his arrival.

"So I heard Richard Quest is in Nigeria and as usual, my people are drooling over him. These are the same Nigerians that will not allow an openly gay person on their screen, or even give one a job.

What is different about Richard Quest that makes his homosexuality harmless but my homosexuality as a Nigeria scary and threatening?

Is it that my people think my homosexuality is in some way earth destroying but that is Richard comforting or as a people, we just lack the pure emotional intelligence to appreciate our own? My heart bleeds for Nigeria, it does make me cry for my LGBT brothers and sisters" he wrote on Instagram.


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