Before a secret CCTV camera mounted by the hospital management caught Juliet in the act, he had heard stories of her infidelity but she kept denying them until the clear evidence was presented to her.

Now, Edwin is in a dilemma whether to forgive her or to send her packing after the disgrace she brought to him and the entire family.

Read his story here:

"My name is Edwin, a 39-year-old married man with three children. I have been married for 11 years now but my marriage is on the verge of a crash following my wife's flirtatious way of life.

You won't believe that my wife Juliet who is a nurse, was caught red-handed having sex with a sick patient while on night duty and the scandal has been threatening to tear our marriage apart because it is now public knowledge.

I first got stories of her infidelity when some friends who work in the same hospital with her informed me that she was dating a doctor in the hospital and when I confronted her, she claimed those who told reported her to me were only jealous of her closeness to the doctor.

But I noticed that whenever she was on night duty, she would not pick my calls and when I question her, she would flare up telling me that I am monitoring her.

As the stories kept flying, I told her to quit the job and was even ready to open a chemist for her or any other business but she would not even think of it.

Instead, she accused me of being insecure and not trusting her. We even had to bring some family members to mediate when the issue led to a quarrel but she insisted that she was not cheating on me.

But like they say, everyday is for the thief but just one day belongs to the owner of the property.

The doctor I was told she had affairs with was transferred to the hospital following some petitions were written against him and a new medical director was installed.

It was the new medical director I was told, who put measures in place to check the excesses of personnel by installing secret CCTVs in the private rooms in the hospital.

And as God would have it, my wife was caught in the night sneaking into a patient's room to have sex with him. When she was summoned the next day, she denied the allegation but when the recording was played to her, she had to confess.

I was invited by the medical doctor who also showed me the tape and proceeded to summarily dismiss Juliet from the services of the hospital.

Since the incident came to the fore, she has been begging me to forgive her and even our pastor has been begging on her behalf but how can I ever forgive and live with such an adulterous woman?


The teaser for the day was:

Would you forgive a spouse who cheats on you?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I will forgive him/her if he/she promises not to cheat again - 25%

No, that will be the end of the marriage - 36%

I will forgive him/her but I will not forget the hurt - 22%

He/she will have to leave the job - 17%

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