Prostitution is probably

No matter how hard any government or society tries to eradicate or even curb it, the trade will never cease to exist due to the fact that the men who patronize them will always find a way of rolling with them.

In Nigeria, they are identified with different names like '', 'Akunna-Kunna', 'Karuwa', 'Akpara', or '', and other derogatory names but the fact remains that without the male customers, they would not be in business.

Men who patronize these commercial sex workers, either married or single, have their reasons for doing so. Some of them range from the hilarious to the most absurd.

Pulse List take a look at some reasons men sleep with prostitutes.

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1. Adventure

Most men feel a sense of adventure when they get down with a strange woman who is not their wife or steady girlfriend.

The same feeling is what they crave for what drives them to meet prostitutes because that is the only time they try out many sexual fantasies and fetishes they have been dreaming of and too scared to try with their wives.

2. No Stress

Prostitutes are in the business for money and as long as you can pay what you have negotiated with her, she will not give you any hassle or stress.

Unlike a wife or girlfriend who wants to be courted, given a treat, dinner, cinemas and all that stuff, a prostitute does not care for these because for her, a man is just another client and therefore, there is no room for unnecessary demands.

3. Experiment

Most men who patronize prostitutes agree that they do it to get the experience a commercial sex worker serves and see what draws men to them.

They may have the most beautiful wives and girlfriends at home but the lure of sneaking to the brothels to have a quick one with a prostitute make some men try it out and see what they feel like.

4. Danger

Some men are naturally wired to thrive where there is a danger, so they see sneaking into a brothel as an exciting danger and a challenge they need to conquer. The sense of walking into a brothel, negotiating a price and actually having sex with a strange woman further adds to their excitement.

5. Sexual Starvation

Sexual starvation is one of the major reasons men patronize commercial sex workers, especially when they have been starved of sex for a long time.

Unlike women, the average man cannot go without sex for a very long time and when such happens, the tendency is for them to go to these 'Ashewos' to quench their sexual thirsts.

6. Fantasy

Men naturally love living in a world of fantasy and one of such is a sexual fantasy. Most men live and relive such fantasies in their heads and over time, it becomes a part of them.

Some of the fantasies would be seen as absolute madness by their wives and girlfriends but a prostitute does not care about them because her job is to satisfy her customer and get paid.

Trying new things matter to men and when sex is concerned, they will rather go to the prostitute who will not see them as freaks that need to be born-again or rot in hell.

7. Loneliness

Loneliness leads many into loads of temptation and sex is surely the number one key to temptation for men.

Research has shown that 85% of men who patronize prostitutes are either lonely or they are not happy in the relationships, so the best way for them to let off steam is to seek out these ladies of the night for some moments of intimacy.

8. Quick Sex

Most men do not like complications when it comes to sex. They feel that is not the right time to remind them of junior's school fees or the 'Aso Ebi' that was promised months ago.

A prostitute comes with no strings attached and as long as you pay the agreed price, you are good to go and so, these men prefer paying for quick sex instead of being put through a military drill just to have one.

9. Insatiable Libido

Some men do have an excessive sexual libido and no matter how hard the wife or girlfriend tries to satisfy him, he still seeks that extra pleasure elsewhere.

And where is he likely to have it? With a prostitute of course. So instead of pestering the wife or girlfriend, only to be met with rejection or complaints, they prefer to go for a prostitute who will not ask any question.

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10. Men Like Variety

This may sound quite sarcastic but some men love the variety in every thing they do. These set of men are quick to tell you that it would be abnormal to eat the same kind of soup every day of the year, so the best thing for them is to patronize commercial sex workers to get something different from what they get at home.

When it comes to sex, a prostitute is willing to try anything and the sex style the madam at home abhors could be the one that gives the man the most pleasure.

And if the prostitute can give it to him the way he wants, why not try her, he would always reason.