For Wurld, the 'Love Is Contagious' EP is that body of work where he gets it right, winning the hearts of the local audience even with a cosmopolitan style that plays against the prevailing sounds.

Born, Sadiq Onifade, the blue-haired singer weaves a spell not just with his personality but particularly his music, one that keeps you wrapped to his voice at first listen and despite having his single, 'Follow You' alongside Polish disc jockey, DJ Gromee go Gold in 2015, it has taken him a longer period for the audience back home to finally catch up with his music.

From the very first time I got introduced to Wurld, he has demonstrated that irresistible skill for embracing a fusion of sounds not necessarily within the conventions of mainstream pop but still managing to enjoy some level of success and this time he is taking it even further with his experiment of indigenous sounds like Fuji, Juju and Afrobeat to form a wholesome piece.

In 2013, Wurld released his debut body of work, ''Evolution,'' a project he admitted holding onto for two years before its eventual release.

It has further taken him six years of finding himself, blending more sounds and coming back home to reconnect with his roots to put out his second body of work mainly produced by his frequent collaborator, Shizzi.

''I'll be honest, I know I've been lost, I'm still trying, don't stop shining your light on me make I glow,'' are the opening lines on the album from his 2016 released single, 'Show You Off' with Shizzi and Major Lazer's Walshy Fire, a song that brought his biggest mainstream success. 

The beautifully delivered record which is lit with a heavy Afrobeat feel is one of the 'poppiest' records I have listened to in a while and for those new to his sound, making it the EP's intro is a smart way to suck listeners straight into his world and enforce rapt attention.

From EDM to Afrobeat and Carribean music, he infuses it all into one song to create a unique spectral thrill.  

'Contagious' released as the lead single last year is the follow-up record and the infusion of the delicious Shina Peters 'Afro Juju' inspired vibe ups the ante and turns this to a happy people house party. 

On the house influenced 'Gbemisoke,' which translates to 'Lift Me Higher', he doesn't tinker much with the theme as he gently but confidently talks about being stuck to love forever, while 'Paranoid' is perhaps the tape's best written song where he assures his partner of giving the best of love despite her previous relationship experience which didn't end well.

''You screaming 'no one ever loves you tight', but I want you the way you are, so you don't need to play love games.''

'Wishes and Butterflies' is the midpoint of the EP where he restates the earnestness of what he needs most and what he is all about; Love. 'Feel Alright' and 'Candy' are triumphant R&B records as he continues his search for the one on the former while the latter leads him to the path of that sweet person.

'Drown' is another brilliant record that rises from a soft, emotive moment as he battles his personal conflict and addiction to become a slowly stomping anthem well pushed by the detailed lyrics that forms a powerful imagery of one deeply lost in love despite the attempts of everyone around him to help keep his head. 

''Man are go outside all day for my zone, Some people waste their time keep calling my phone, Take the keys, everything that I have is your own, Oh my god, I love it, Baby, never leave you''

The EP couldn't have found a more perfect way to bring the music journey to a close than it did with 'So Good', a rich and truly contagious song.

Wurld is yet to become a genuine player in the mainstream space but this EP puts the virtuoso jersey on him, that unabashedly romantic special talent who has found a perfect balance between his songwriting and his search for something bigger.

Love ballads are his bread and butter and on almost every song, he nails it. His richly layered vocal performances added to Shizzi's bright production has seen him expand his range and influences, reaching the level of quality that his talent promises.

There are plenty of oversweet ballad moments and it is clear that in setting out to create a concept album, he falls back on his most striking star quality, which is his song writing and how well he pays attention to laying the lines and phrasing his lyrics while also singing with every emotion that flows through him.

Wurld is here to stay and 'Love Is Contagious' is the cohesive body of work that not only drives home everything that love represents; healing, fighting, magic and fantasy but also confidently backs up his claim as a force to reckon with on the scene.

Stream the ''Love Is Contagious'' EP HERE

Rating: 4/5


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