Veen is only 22. But already, he is on his fourth EP in just one year. His debut EP, 'Eternal Flex' showcased his flair for the Triippy version of Trap, Emo or Cloud Rap via sung-rap.

His sophomore EP, Star was a collaboration with his brother, Kiienka. It was also an experimental five-track experience that dabbled in Afro-pop and produced some of the most impressive songs of Veen's career so far. However, the topics on those two projects were mostly hedonistic and vain.

Those topics also aptly reflected the important facets of a 21-year-old life, but this time, the 44DB Collective member has dug into himself to deliver a personal project with his soul laid bare. He discusses a failed relationship, ambition, pressure, doubt, his southern origins and his intention to retain his own pride.

He doesn't pretend, neither does he attempt to sugarcoat his emotions. On 'Crib,' he sat on his masculinity and begged a woman to stay with him.

On Impact is a five-track installment in a coming-of-age story that has only just begun. As Veen gets comfortable with expressing his emotions by getting comfortable with vulnerability before a microphone, more of these topics will emerge.

Nonetheless, his masculinity still remains - he is growing, but has not lost his pride or love for hedonism ['In My Bag'].

He also gave the same woman he begged on, 'Crib' a telling off on 'With Me.' In fact, 'With Me' seems like a continuation of 'Crib.' The gods of patriarchy must be rejoicing in toxic as Veen sang, "Baby, why are you blowing up my iPhone?" He still admits her sweetness though, there's balance after all. Psst

But a story like this requires a tone-setter. This EP had that on its intro, 'Do It Again' as Veen discusses the inspiration for making another project. He discusses the doubts and detraction for people around him and his intention to grab success and prove them wrong.

With a reference to his Port Harcourt roots, Veen uses subtle braggadocio to engage his own vanity. He calls himself a 'Steeze' on 'Southern Steeze.' Well well, Veen...

On the positive side, On Impact is Veen's best project yet. The project also takes cake for impressive album sequencing. However, Veen should experiment more with his vocals - it feels like his vocals have potential to do much more.

He could have also done more on 'The Skies.' Aboard a significantly eclectic beat, Veen should have either turned it into a bar-fest or featured Txmpo for some Trippy madness.

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