With a reunion of the clique mooted, Mo Hits have reawakened a longing in the hearts of music fans who cant wait to see all members of the iconic label on stage once again.

Mo Hit Records was a label formed in 2004 by the duo of Don Jazzy and D'Banj upon their return to the country from the United Kingdom.

The label, propelled by D'Banj's dexterity, charm and eccentricity jumbled with Don Jazzy's dynamic production skills soon began to grab the headlines and attracted the notice of more than a few.

As they recorded success, there was the need to expand and from family members to recognised talents, Mo Hits soon became home to the likes of Wande Coal, D'Prince, K Switch, Dr Sid and later Ikechukwu.

With Mo'Hits, one thing was guaranteed and that was more hits.

From individual projects to their collective effort on Curriculum Vitae, the label built a brand that soon became the blueprint for attaining success in the Nigerian music industry.

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But after a while, the group hit the rocks, with the members going their separate ways in 2012. The group however reunited on stage for the first time in five years at Davido's 30 billion concert last year and afterwards have announced plans to hold a reunion concert nationwide.

As we prepare for the reunion of one of Africa's finest clique, we take a look at 10 great Mo' Hits songs;

1. D'banj X Wande Coal - 'Move Your Body'

Mo Hits - Move you body

This was the joint that birthed the famous phrase, 'Hold It, If you still sitting down, you are on a long thing'.

The song witnessed some brilliant verse exchange between D' Banj and Wande Coal over some insane production by Don jazzy.

2. D'Banj, Wande Coal, Dr Sid and D' Prince - 'Be Close To You'

Mo Hits - Close to you

''Be Close To You'' is off the Curriculum Vitae album, which sees members of the crew express their love for a woman. The video which features scene from a plane is one of the first that has cameo of rapper Ikechukwu affiliating with the clique.

3. D'Banj, Wande Coal and Don Jazzy - 'Why Me Remix'

Mo Hits - Why Me

Off D'Banj's RunDown album was the hit single Why Me , the song was so huge that it deserved a remix this time with Don Jazzy and Wande Coal lacing their vocals.

Wande's verse on this song is a statement to why he can lay claim to being Nigeria's best vocalist ever.

4. Dbanj, Don Jazzy and Wande Coal - 'Pere'

Mo Hits - Pere

One of the early songs that featured Don Jazzy's vocals.

With an accompanying visuals by DJ Tee, who was Nigeria's biggest video director at the moment, capturing scenes from D'banj and Wande bragging over who had the finer girl, and Don Jazzy stealing both their ladies at the end.

5. D'Banj X Wande Coal X Dr Sid X D'Prince and K- Switch - 'Booty Call'

Mo Hits - Booty Call

Booty Call is a celebration of the female rear and became the official anthem for guys who are selective of a particular feminine feature.

6. Ikechukwu featuring Don Jazzy and D Banj - 'Wind Am Well'

Ikechukwu X Mo Hits - Wind Am Well

Though still under Storm Records at the time, Ikechukwu had been affiliating and openly flirting with Mo Hits.

Wind Am Well is one of the singles that sealed his place on the mainstream as D'Banj's presence on the joint truned it into a smashing record.

7. Wande Coal X D'Banj - 'You Bad' (2009)

Mo Hits - You Bad

Off Wande Coal's classic debut album, Mushin 2 Mohits, this single was one of the standout tunes from the 16 tracks LP.

Wande Coal and D'banj have complemented each other quite well on respective joints and this was no different as the song still rocks till date.

8. Dr Sid X D'Banj - 'Pop Champagne' (2010)

Mo Hits - Pop Champagne

From being a back-up dancer, to freestyling for Eldee tha don and getting signed to Da Trybe. Dr Sid is easily a veteran in the game.

Upon the return of D'banj and Don Jazzy to the country in 2004, Dr Sid was one of the first that was visibly seen with the duo and it was no surprise when he later got signed to the label.

His debut album, ''Turning Point'' was released in 2010 and a breakout single at the time was 'Pop Champagne'. The single particularly blew because it was released during the ''glorious era'' of Internet fraudstars popularly referred to as ''Yahoo Boys'' in the country.

It served as a celebration tune at every Lagos club and dancefloor.

9. Wande Coal, Dr Sid, Kay Switch, D' Prince - 'Ten Ten' (2009)

Mo Hits - Ten Ten

Another single from Wande Coal's ''Mushin 2 Mohits'' album featuring the Mo Hits cast of Dr Sid, K Switch and D'Prince, that soon grew into a nationwide hit.

10. D' Prince featuring D'Banj - 'Give It To Me'

D' Prince ft D'Banj - ''Give it to me''

Following the album successes of D'banj, Wande Coal and Dr Sid, next on the line was Don Jazzy's younger brother D'Prince.

And with his comical rap style, D'Prince scored a hit with his single 'Give It To Me', which featured the kokomaster D'banj.