On the morning of October 11, 2019, Nigerian rapper, Vector tha Viper released, 'Judas The Rat,' his third diss track to M.I. Abaga in about three weeks. It was also a reply to 'The Viper' by M.I Abaga.

The track created a ripple effect of bad events for M.I Abaga. Vector literally equalized and nicked a 'jammy' winner. Throughout the weekend, it was a bloodbath for M.I. Abaga. It represents the first time M.I Abaga would be beaten at his own game - calculated pettiness. It's like the Nigerian version of Pusha T vs. Drake.

On 'The Viper,' M.I accused Vector of not helping anyone including AQ,' whose label, 100 Crowns is now prospering under Chocolate City. Vector replied on 'Judas The Rat' that he helped AQ. He also referenced 'Distractions' a diss to Reminisce as a way of helping AQ gain notoriety. He then hailed Blaqbonez, AQ's signee as the only dope rapper under M.I.

You know how the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon used to declare types of wrestling matches in the early-2000s and make himself one of the contenders ? Well, AQ is Vince McMahon in this case. If we are being honest, Vector must have seen it coming.

On Pulse's article for 'Judas The Rat,' this writer ended it with, "Even AQ copped hits. However, on 'The Viper,' M.I claimed that he would not reply. Would we see AQ come in? We know AQ never backs down from a fight. As this ends, M.I has a lot of questions to answer."

You want to know how combative AQ is? Media says Reminisce's 'Local Rappers,' which features Olamide and Phyno was a sneak-diss at English speaking rappers.

AQ literally replied Reminisce with a track titled, 'International Rappers.' He might have calmed down, but this shows he's still in tune with his more demonic side with lines like, "Your whole style is Jay Z, your whole persona was catfish..."

"In UNILAG, you came to me as a fan," AQ says about the first time he met Vector.

Here are five talking points from 'Distraction 2';


AQ and Vector have collaborated on two songs. AQ featured Vector, Terry Tha Rapman and X.O. Senavoe on the 2011 song, ‘Ginja.’ Then in 2012, both rappers teamed up for ‘Distractions,’ a diss to Reminisce.

In 2016, Reminisce fired shots at AQ on 'Asamalekun.' He rapped, "O se diss track, o wa fe ma parley mi leyin." It means, "You made a diss track, now you want to be friends with me." AQ also replied 'Local Rappers,' with 'International Rappers.' The beef went on for a while, but AQ says Vector tricked him into making the song.

On 'Judas The Rat,' Vector rapped about 'Distractions' that, "The next one I did a feature with, trended years ago. Still mentioned it in a tweet, and it trended on the go. So what am I supposed to do? sign a man I wouldn't sign?"

AQ replies that, "Gave you distractions (the song), I made you win the beef, even though you lied to me and said the song was for the kids. I dropped a verse inspired by the Don Jazzy tweet. Then, you jumped in the booth and started dissing Reminisce. I put it out, just before I tweet the lines for free on the phone with your mama, your nerve couldn't hold the beef..."

Vector might be cool with Reminisce now, but he once had a beef with Reminisce. He won because Reminisce only replied with one track, 'Ata.'

Label business: 40 million and G.R.A.P Music

On the breakdown of 'The Viper,' Pulse discussed Vector's label issues. On 'Distractions 2,' Vector claims that AQ owes YSG Entertainment 40 million. He raps that, "40 million to YSG, you owe too much... You stole from YSG and started playing the victim..."

"Universal dropped you, still getting their ass kissed. You can't survive without a label, G.R.A.P music is a fable. Forget putting me on, just put a rapper on your label. Sign a man, you wouldn't sign," AQ raps of Vector's label, G.R.A.P Music.

Who u epp?

On 'Judas The Rat,' Vector rapped, "Who are the rappers that I put on? Many more plus two our of your three..." He was talking about AQ and Blaqbonez.

AQ replies, "You couldn't find a soul so you say you put me on. Your brother na dope rapper, you nor put am on? Your sister na fuji artist, you nor put am on? Your brother manages you, yet you're begging Godwin Tom. Got a DJ in your fam, and he don't play your songs. Then you say you put me on?

"The two out of his three? If you're ashamed to say my name, call me the one coz if I'm ever two or three gotta be Mike (Jordan) or Lebron (James)..."

Word on the street is that Vector's sister is juju musician, Shola Vibrate. Her name is Shola Ogunmefun. She is also married to Dele Taiwo.

AQ claims that Vector betrayed every person in his life, Gaga, T-Rexx, Dapiano, the late H-Code and so forth. AQ also dissed Vector for not putting anybody from Lafiaji on. He says Vector blocked Mono from getting signed and turned AO into Osinbajo - Yikes.

Hennessy, exes and a child swipe

The Hennessy drama dates back to exchange over cyphers. During his interview with Pulse, Vector set the record straight on the deal and M.I Abaga's 'obsession' with the 'Henny job.'

Here, AQ takes a swipe at Vector and claims that his 'Henny job' is a sham. He raps, "You popping XO with the money that ain't got. I don't mean to be rude, but just save it for baby food..."

On his chat with Daddy Freeze, Vector talked about his ex-girlfriend. AQ poked that wound. He says Vector almost died when said woman left. He raps, "Oh that p*** got you good. Lost your mind when she left, but it's cool. Let's keep it between me and you..."

Albums, political references and Pull Up!

The plot thickens as Vector raps, "State of Surprise, average. A7, average. All your projects, average. But Lafiaji was garbage..." Ouch. When you start going for discography, it means stuff got real.

AQ also made a lot of political references for Vector with bars centered around Buhari and Osinbajo. In the end, AQ tells Vector to pull up, "You and your boys gonna beat me? Must be something in your dreams. You've been saying you're gonna pull up, better be talking about the gym. I live behind Lafiaji, five minutes away, that's Dolphin estate, you can come through Obalende..."

A few days ago, AQ was interviewed on Hip TV and he noted that beef was good for the culture as long as we keep it on wax. It's important he keeps to that promise. We don't need a Pac/Biggy scenario.

Final thoughts

This writer has a theory; M.I knows he faces now an uphill battle winning against Vector or he fears how putting dirt on Vector would make him look. But Q in his combative glory couldn't care less. It was going down once his name was mentioned. He came out throwing deathly blows and dropped the most vicious track in the chronology.

In the end, AQ just won a beef that he was even a part of - what a man.