Its still Thursday and we are throwing it back to one of the most popular Nollywood movies


What do you remember about the the romantic comedy movie? Check out six things we remember below.

1. The movie introduced us to Ini Edo, who has turned out to be one of the biggest and much loved Nollywood actresses.

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2. "World Apart" starred Ini Edo as a village girl Ulinma, Kenneth Okonkwo as Prince Promise,Hilda Dokubo as Rhoda, Liz Benson as Queen Mirabel, Laz Ekweme as King Idoto among others.

3. The movie tells the story of a village girl, Uli. She is taken to the city to live with her uncle as a help. During the course of her stay, she falls in love with a prince. Unfortunately, the Queen isn't interested in having her as a daughter-in-law.

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4.  The prince transforms Uli, offering her the finer things of life, and after the transformation takes her to his mother and introduced her as the daughter of an ambassador. His mother happily accepts her.

5. We remember Uli’s innocent and childlike amazement at 'city things' she couldn't understand - like car convoy and an aeroplane above her head.

6. The movie ends with the Prince revealing Uli's true identity, and the queen apologising for looking down on her.

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What do you remember about the classic movie?

Watch part one of movie below.