It has been a good year for "Battleground" star Nonso Bassey.

The Africa Magic telenovela in which he stars as Dr Emeka, a doctor entangled in a love triangle, is set to air its 100th episode and so far, the show has an impressive online and offline following.

Before his major acting debut on the show, Nonso was one of the top eight finalists of The Voice Nigeria premiere edition.

He introduced himself to Nigerians with his soulful rendition of Seal's Kiss From A Rose,' which got him four-turns during his blind audition. He went on to join teamPatoranking.

On "Battleground," Emeka and his love interest, Teni, have one of the most engaging and complex relationships on Nigerian television.

The couple not only have to deal with Teni's fiancé and their parents as obstacles to their relationship, they also have to deal with Sandra who has proven to be their latest hindrance.

Following their palpable on-screen chemistry, fans created a hashtag for the two - #Tenka.

In an interesting chat with Pulse Nigeria, Bassey spoke about being on the show, his favourite Teni and Emeka scene, a character he could play besides Dr Emeka and his upcoming projects.

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Becoming an actor

"I have not always been just a singer. I had done a few of these dramas in school and church.

"I’m a little shy, so the sort of person that I cannot be in real life, I put that into performances. When I perform, I become a different person, a person that  I wish I can become."

Getting the role of Dr Emeka

"Being on “The Voice” opened different opportunities. I heard of this show [Battleground], so I auditioned for it. I didn’t think I was going to get it because I saw some big names at the audition. But here I am.

"It has been an amazing journey for people to respond to it the way they do, and not just that, I feel fulfilled to do what I love to do."

"I’m not yet where I want to be, but so far, it’s a journey that I’m enjoying."

Taking up more acting roles

"I’m open to everything as much as I can get. A few offers have come, some of them I have not been able to take on because of time, but as I get more time, maybe after the show, I will definitely take up as much as I can."

On the relationship between Teni and Emeka

“I’m a fan of Teni and Emeka, but first of all, I will attribute everything to good writing.

It’s an honour to be working with because she is an amazing actress and she is making me better with every day and scene that we have to work together.

Creating the chemistry between Teni and Emeka

“I just feel like chemistry either happens or it doesn't. When we read together, we read very well, and when we had to shoot, it was good.

"But you know, we did not really know each other. It got better as we got to know each other.

"We actually went to the same school but we just found out [on set of "Battleground]."

Favourite #Tenka scene

“Our kiss. A little secret; there’s a lot more coming. I just love the intensity between the two characters. Every scene so far has been a joy to shoot because we are so good together.

"We spend a lot time behind the scenes laughing. I feel like it would have been harder if we disliked each other."

If he could play any character besides Dr. Emeka

“In all honesty,  I wanted to play . I liked the psychological twist of the character, because out here he is so good looking and well dressed, so it is a shocker to see what he is dealing with.

"Emeka wasn’t my first choice, but I got it and I’m happy."

What he hopes his character is doing by the 200th episode

“To get married to Teni. Like, let’s just seal the deal because the more they drag it, the more drama.

“I would like to kill Michael. Her father would probably be out of the way; he would see that you can’t defeat true love.

"Maybe Emeka will kill the General and everyone would love him and think, 'Yeah, we knew it, our hero.'"

Favourite on-set memory

“Working with the people behind the scenes. Whether it’s on The Voice or Battleground, they have always been my favourite people on any show that I have been on.

"They are the people who work so hard to make everything look so good - the light people, the cameramen, the customiers.

"Also the cast of Battleground. We are really close. There are no cliques that don’t like the other. It’s all love down here."

Least favourite "Battleground" character

“It’s a love hate relationship I have with Adaora because I love , but Adaora? She feels like her daughter is too good for me [Dr Emeka].

"It will be fun for me to act a scene where Emeka tells her off."

Upcoming projects

“I have music coming out really soon. I had recorded some things but then this [Battleground] happened and I decided to focus on this.

"I was in the studio three days ago just to revamp some things so that it is fresher."

The 100th episode of "Battleground" airs on Friday, September 15, 2017.