‘Kpali’ is a relatable Nigerian comedy movie that will have you reeling out in laughter. It's the kind of movie a lot of Nigerians will like.

Given the obvious commercial success of comedies in Nigerian cinema, creative industry entrepreneur, Emem Ema, decided to team up with Ladi Johnson to make an upcoming comedy movie, ‘Kpali.’

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‘Kpali’ tells the story of Amaka Kalayor - played by Ini Dima-Okojie - a single investment banker who has 30 days to renew her working contract and visa in the UK or lose her job and her continued stay in London.

Torin Pocock and Uzor Arukwe on the set of 'Kpali' which was filmed in 2017. [Instagram/torin_etc]
Torin Pocock and Uzor Arukwe on the set of 'Kpali' which was filmed in 2017. [Instagram/torin_etc]

Amaka gets the opportunity to renew her job contract and a visa when the company sends her to Nigeria alongside Jack Hunter - played by Torin Pocock - to seal a multi-billion Naira deal.

Back home in Nigeria, Amaka has her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kalayor - played by Nkem Owoh and Gloria Anozie-Young - on her trail constantly nagging her to get married. Amaka was informed of the plans for her sister’s - played by Linda Ejiofor-Sulaiman - wedding by her parents.

Amaka returns to Nigeria with Jack to the loving arms of her parents, who mistake Jack for her fiance even after she tried explaining that they were just colleagues.

Mr. and Mrs. Kalayor tried pairing Amaka with different suitors but the idea was constantly ruined by the investment banker, who refuses to tell her parents the true reason she returned to Nigeria.

The movie does have some of the hilarious dialogues, as when Jack introduced himself to the Kalayors as Jack Hunter and Mr. Kalayor asked who is being haunted.

‘Kpali’ balances humor and poignancy, while successfully avoiding clichés. The actors especially first-time lead actor Torin Pocock did well to deliver an impressive performance.

As Mr. and Mrs. Kalayor, Nkem Owoh and Gloria Anozie-Young showcased their talent as naturals. The other cast members also deliver, eliciting laughter when necessary.

Kunle Remi and Torin Pocock on the set of 'Kpali'. [Instagram/torin_etc]
Kunle Remi and Torin Pocock on the set of 'Kpali'. [Instagram/torin_etc]

The real winner in ‘Kpali’ is the scriptwriter. The movie comes alive with impressive success in art direction and set design.

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The cast also handled their hilarious roles with an efficiency that distinguishes the movie from other comedy movies. Amaka is torn between two men when she becomes closer to her colleague, Jack and her brother-in-law's cousin, Jidenna - played by Kunle Remi.

‘Kpali’ is not totally predictable, nevertheless, it's funny, relatable and it’s just the kind of comedy movie most Nigerians love.

The movie opens in cinemas on December 20, 2019.