Why do you love Kate Henshaw? As she turns 45 today, July 19, 2016, check out nine reasons she is one of the best veterans.

1. She is talented.

From "The Meeting" to "Game Men Play," "Hear Word" to "DoGood," Kate Henshaw is effortlessly a talented actress, and that is why every true movie lover is yet to forget her performance in the movie "When the Sun Sets."

2. She is pretty

Everybody loves a beautiful woman, and Kate Henshaw is arguably one of the prettiest celebrities in Nigeria. From her magazine covers to her red carpet looks, workout looks to on-set looks, the actress is always a beauty to behold.

3. She is a role model

Kate is a talented veteran which makes her the perfect role model for upcoming actors. Not only does her skills make her a role model figure, her charisma, spirit and attitude has a huge role to play in that.

She is also one of the very few veterans who have an amazing relationship with the new acts.

4. She is a fitness addict

It's 2016 and the actress is still an inspiration to many who aspire for a hot bikini body. It's one thing to be 45, sexy and strong, it's another to use your social media platforms to encourage and inspire people.

5. She is  an activist

We all love a woman who knows how and when to speak up. The actress is popular for marching against social ills. She has taken part in a protest against rape, domestic violence amongst other social ills.

In 2016, she spoke up during the saga surrounding an alleged wife killer, Lekan Shonde, one of the many times she spoke on a topical issue that affects women and the nation as a whole.

6. She is all for bridging gender inequality in Nigeria

Kate Henshaw once starred in a movie , aimed at closing the gender gap in Nigeria and encouraging more women into government.

The actress also made a move to contest for the Federal House of  Representatives for Calabar Munical/Odukpani Federal Constituency under the PDP in the 2015 elections.

In 2016, after the Nigerian Senate had voted against the Gender and Equality Opportunity Bill, the actress was one of those who spoke against it. She even got into a Twitter argument with one of her followers who had a different and unbelievable  opinion about women.

7. She gives the best clap backs

Kate Henshaw is one actress who isn't ready to lose herself for fame. , Henshaw and response.

8. She is kind hearted

Henshaw won the hearts of many Nigerians after who was diagnosed with Ulcerated Infected Facial Haemangioma.

9. She is strong

On June 25, 2016, the actress' A year after the incident, the actress took to her Instagram to share an unseen photo from outbreak. The actress who lost valuables, shared the photo with

Happy birthday to the talented veteran.