Lockdown ex-housmate, Lucy Edet may have gotten her curtain call last Sunday from the ongoing BBNaija show, but the reality star insists her best days are here.

Lucy's bubbly personality is what first strikes first timers with her. She's animated, exciting, all attributes of reality TV goodness. Unfortunately, viewers hardly saw the vibrant Lucy except on some Saturday nights.

For the new star, there seemed to be a clash of personalities that the viewers clearly missed. "I have a very strong personality", Lucy shares, opening up about why she hardly got along with the housemates.

Lucy after her eviction from the Lockdown season [Big Brother Naija Lockdown]
Lucy after her eviction from the Lockdown season [Big Brother Naija Lockdown]

"I think they [fights] were just mere misunderstanding and they got triggered. Maybe someone, a third party came in and triggered something".

However, Lucy managed to survive seven weeks on the show despite the sometimes negative energy her personality attracted in the house.

Outside the house, the reaction has been unreal for the fast-rising star. While reacting to the reception she's received so far, she recalled weeks of auditioning and and the frustration of not knowing one's fate till the last minute. Coming out, she admits she's less concerned about the criticism but focused on soaking in the love.

"They said you won't be ready and I knew I wouldn't be cause no matter how much I thought about it, it is the same thing that happened when I thought about entering the house. I fantasised, dreamed but then when I got there, the feeling was completely different. It is the same thing right now. You imagine everything but then it is not the same".

Surprisingly, like most evicted housemates, Lucy revealed she did not have a strategy for playing the game. "I believe I didn't, I just went there as myself. I felt like if I was good enough and taken for being myself, why would I have to change that?"

With only a few weeks to the show's finale, Lucy believes the week's HOH, Trikytee stands the most chance. "I am rooting for Trikytee. I believe he is a lucky person and he needs to win but anybody that actually wins, it is not easy".

This season might as well be dubbed the lovebirds season for how much housemates preferred entanglements to playing for the prize. For Lucy, this phenomenon never really found her throughout her stay.

Lucy Edet was the ninth Lockdown housemate to be evicted [Instagram/@lucyedetofficial]
Lucy Edet was the ninth Lockdown housemate to be evicted [Instagram/@lucyedetofficial]

On getting paired up in the house, the Akwa Ibom star revealed that being independent for so long may have contributed to her inability to proverbially 'find love' .

"I think I have become too independent so now it is difficult to now depend on someone plus that wasn't even an option for me cause I doubt the possibility of someone that fits my own age bracket that I am looking for and the person actually being in the house. So, I wasn't looking forward to having a relationship in the house".

Praise and Lucy [Instagram/@itz_Priase @lucyedetofficial]
Praise and Lucy [Instagram/@itz_Priase @lucyedetofficial]

How about her brief moments of weakness with ex-housemate Praise? Lucy admits Praise was the only housemate that remotely caught her eye amid their history and lives outside the house but it was never for something serious. "I told Praise that I was attracted to him at some point. I mean, I was all handsy with guy. So how else does one tell you that they like you".

In the coming weeks, Lucy will return to the drawing board to map out the strategy for life after the reality show. "I am in no rush", she insists in her animated style.

The future clearly has no no dark clouds and Lucy intends to make the best of it!