7 of our most memorable Nollywood TV and movie mothers

March 19th 2023, 5:04:25 pm

These fictional mothers have done it all, from nosy, overly concerned to having evolved parenting styles.

Mother's Day

From the great ones we all wish for to the traumatising ones, these mothers have provided plenty of heartwarming entertainment while still reminding us of our experiences.

In honour of Mother’s Day, we are recognising some of the best TV and movie mums who have entered our living rooms, screens and hearts.

Here are seven of our most memorable Nollywood TV and movie mothers:


Nwosu is your typical Nigerian mother as Mama Tiwa in fan favourite web series 'Skinny Girl in Transit.' She is dramatic, caring, overly religious and occasionally gets on your nerves. But regardless of how annoying she gets, you know her heart is always in the right place whenever it concerns her children.

Mama Gee takes a break from playing her wicked mother roles to be a kind-hearted, protective, concerned, albeit stressful parent. She leaves everything to do 'Omugwo' for her daughter-in-law.

Prior to becoming the ‘King of Boys’, Sobowale played the best kind of mother, filled with unconditional love for her stubborn daughter Linda (Maureen Silver).

Like every good Nigerian mother, she has a bad dream about her daughter’s friend, who ends up charming Linda’s husband (the ever-gullible Tony Umez) on their wedding night.

The spellbound Richard abandons his wife for her friend, who takes things a step further by visiting the native doctor to turn Linda mad.

It ends with all glory going to God as the native doctor gets struck by lightning and dies; Richard gets delivered; and Linda gets miraculously healed of her madness. The moral of the movie is simple: trust your mother’s dreams and intuition.

Benson is your typical Nigerian parent who thinks she knows what is best for her son (Kenneth Okonkwo) who falls in love with a village girl. She initially rejects the young lady played by Ini Edo.

'Worlds Apart' ends on a high note as Benson's character eventually changes her mind and accepts her into the royal family.

As Mrs Wilson, Silva plays an evolved mother and mother-in-law in 'Potato Potahto'. She is respectful, knows when to give her child some space and allows her to make her own decisions. She is definitely not your regular Nigerian mother.

Owoh tugs at our heartstrings in this movie with her portrayal of a mother abandoned by her only son, Ejike. I am in tears just thinking about her crying scenes.

She plays the apt description willing to give her life for her child’s happiness. She discovers that her son is contemplating committing suicide in order to give his eyes to his babe who goes blind after an accident.

Ezeonu’s character decides to commits suicide instead and requests that her eyes be donated to her daughter-in-law. The latter gets her eyes and the couple live happily ever after.

Inemesit Udodiong
Inem Udodiong is the Entertainment Editor. A movie buff, film critic with a core interest in African cinema, and wellness. Reach her via


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