Gbenro Ajibade was a guest at Ebuka’s ‘Rubbin Minds’ a few days ago where he confirmed that he had officially divorced former wife, Osas Ighodaro.

During his chat with Ebuka, he was asked if he married Osas just so he could obtain the blue passport (Because that’s the perception amongst a lot of people), to which he blatantly denied. According to him, it was only normal for him to obtain a residency in the US the moment he and then-wife, Osas started planning a family.

This statement didn't, however, go down well with a lot of people. Since the release of that interview, Gbenro started trending on Twitter with a majority dragging him over his comments about his divorce with movie star, Osas Ighodaro. Okay, guys, here is how Twitter is wilding out over Gbenro’s interview.