Drama they say will never end as a popular social media influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke has called out Peruzzi for allegedly beating him up.

The influencer popularly known as Pamilerin and Dr. Pam Pam narrated his alleged ordeal in the hands of Peruzzi and his crew in Bayelsa.

According to him, he was about to leave Bayelsa for Port Harcourt after an event when he was accosted by a man who then pulled him down from a bus and dragged him before Peruzzi.

In a statement credited to Pamilerin by LindaIkejablog, he narrated how he was allegedly assaulted by the singer.

He wrote, "What did I go to Bayelsa for, I had no idea I was going to come back to Lagos with a mini swollen eyes, all thanks to your fav for blessing me with that. I would have stayed in my Lagos and enjoy the traffic in peace. After the event it was time to go back to Lagos and face traffic, I got into the bus that was taking us to PortHarcourt from Bayelsa, next thing I heard was, come down here, then I felt heavy hand pull me down. All I could hear was, are you AYE(cult), I could not respond because I was lost in thought. What is happening I said to myself. Then this guy dragged me where Peruzzi was standing. Ohh, it’s you, I said to myself. 

The influencer popularly known as Pamilerin and Dr. Pam Pam narrated his ordeal in the hands of Peruzzi and his crew in Bayelsa

"Next thing, your superstar Peruzzi pulled me up with the help of his bouncer holding my hands, the next thing I heard was boom. Is that from THOR I said to myself. He started screaming, don’t you ever tweet about me again, you are mad, who do you think you are. This continued to about 20 minutes, everyone around was shocked and dumbfounded, he said how on earth will I compare him with Teni ???? He said he does not care, but this is you abusing me after 6 months. Bearing in mind that I tweeted on the 6th January 2019. When the whole comparison between himself and Teni surfaced online. I simply asked our gentleman not to compare himself that Teni has put in lot of work, so she deserved to be given her moment and credit," he said.

The influencer popularly known as Pamilerin and Dr. Pam Pam narrated his ordeal in the hands of Peruzzi and his crew in Bayelsa (Instagram/Peruzzi)

Pamilerin then went on to share a photo of his bruised face on his Twitter page which has since sparked off a lot of conversation.

However, Peruzzi and his management are yet to release any press statement concerning this allegation.

Pamilerin was allegedly beaten up by Peruzzi and his crew in Bayelsa [Twitter/DrPamPam]

It would be recalled that earlier in the year Peruzzi and Teni were both in the same category for the Soundcity Music Awards which he lost to her. However, this didn't go down well with him as he posted a tweet which many felt was him shading the organisers.

Pamilerin had also tweeted about the award and shaded Peruzzi in a series of tweets.

Pamilerin tweet shading Peruzzi after he lost an award to Teni in January 2019. [LindaIkejiblog]
Pamilerin tweets shading Peruzzi and asking him to wait for the Next Rated award. [LindaIkejiblog]
A poll by Pamilerin asking who deserved the award more between Peruzzi and Teni. [LindaIkejiblog]
Pamilerin tweets shading Peruzzi after he lost the Next Rated award to Teni in January 2019. [LindaIkejiblog]

Is Peruzzi shading Soundcity over awards night?

Peruzzi lost the 'Best New Act' Award to Teni at the Soundcity MVP awards

The recently held Soundcity MVP awards has continued to receive buzz even though it looks like one of the nominees of the night, Peruzzi might be shading them over his inability to pick an award.

It would be recalled that the rising music star was among the nominees for the 'Best New Act' category which he lost to Teni The Entertainer. It looks like it didn't go down well with him as he took to his Twitter page on Sunday, January 6, 2019, where he tweeted about being the hardest working new artist in the country.

Teni the entertainer performing live at Homecoming concert 2019

"Personally, I'd say I worked the hardest last year than any other new act, the same way I made more money than any other new act in the country. There's a way I see myself, it's MY race, there's a way I'm running it. Focus on yours. Facts overhype. It's really simple," he tweeted. 

However, Peruzzi has since taken down the tweet. We leave you guys to be the judge and jury as to if this tweet is actually true or Peruzzi had his emotions taking over judgment.