Just in case you are a bachelor that intends to get married soon, Okey Bakassi has a very blunt message for you which might pay off.

The veteran actor and comedian shared his thoughts on his Instagram page on Monday, February 4, 2019, by posting a video. In the video, Okey Bakassi gave a break down of what an intending groom should do in other to have a blissful marriage. 

"For all the brothers who are planning to marry if you do not believe that a man and woman are equal then don't bother to marry. If you are looking for a woman to serve and worship you, don't marry an educated woman. If you are insecure and too jealous, don't marry a woman who is beautiful. 

"But if you are looking a woman who will give and raise beautiful children with you, take you to the next level, support you in times of need, marry a beautiful woman who is hardworking and educated and has a mind of her own. If you don't have the right tools and the right mindset to sustain a marriage, you can learn but nor carry person daughter punish am o," he said.

Okey Bakassi [Instagram/OkeyBakassi]

Okey Bakassi's video might be the right message for someone right now who is thinking of walking that lady down the aisle. The last time the actor shared a video online that everyone talking was when he came for 'busybodies' on social media.

Okey Bakassi has a message for busybodies on social media

Okey Bakassi [Instagram/OkeyBakassi]

Okey Bakassi a message for people who we like to term busybodies who tend to drop unnecessary comments on social media post. The veteran comedian made his frustrations known on his Instagram page on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, where he posted a video. According to him, it is really unwarranted for anyone to make comments on social media especially if they have no knowledge of the topic.

"It has become very clear to me why people fail exams is not common sense if you don't understand something you ask questions. Even in African culture those days when things are too confusing they ask the oracle to even find the answer. So why rush to click the reply button on someone's post on social media when you don't understand the point. You reply and just talk nonsense, off point.

Okey Bakassi and family

"Something wen nor concern the post you will just go and reply. If you read a post and move on, something go happen to you? I don't even understand, some people nor dey even borrow sense wetin you nor understand, ask questions, don't go to the public square and express your stupidity," he concluded.