The couple have been married for 8 years before a confusing post hinting at a detachment from the spouse. She gave birth to their child in September 2016, when the comedian shared on his Instagram. This time, he also explored the image sharing app to pass the message about the split today.

"She is one of the best women I have ever known. It is however sad, that I announce that my wife and I have decided to path ways for good."

After the comment, he goes on to confirm that 2-year-old Tiwaloluwa is being taken care of. Her parent's separation seem to be of no significance to her for the time-being.

It appeared that the decision to go at opposite directions had been building up on his IG a day prior to the notice.

In a caption that accompanied an image of his daughter, he intimated that he had a big news coming. Now we know what it is.

It was an expensive joke

The weird announcement the comedian made suggesting that he has separated from his wife was a prelude to an event he planned to have later in the year.

He shared about this some hours after the previous post earlier on Sunday, February 10, 2019.

The announcement noticeably had an air of mystery that might have given him away. Seyi Law was deliberate about the post which contained phrases that would have been considered as a grammatical error.

For example when he said that "my wife and I have decided to path ways for good." The right expression to imply that their relationship has actually ended is "part ways".

Nobel laureate, Sole Soyinka, says fake news from a Nigerian may cause World War 3.

In Nigeria, fake news is a problem as balloters head to the polls on Saturday, February 16, 2019, to elect a new president and members of the federal parliament. It is always deliberate and intended to serve a personal goal just like Seyi Law proved before going on to acknowledge that it was a costly prank.

"Please help me spread this one like the fake news. I need to sell tickets. I am sorry the joke is too expensive."