Nigerian singer Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour has revealed that he didn't have sex until he was 24.

The music star made this known during a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the BlackBox interview series.

''Flavour was a virgin till 24...I'm telling you. Remember I told you about the man that took me in, that I served. There was no television, no woman, no alcohol," he said.

An obviously shocked Ebuka asked again "So you didn't have sex till you were 24?"

"No sex till I was 24-years-old. And the first time I had sex, everything happened while I was working. The first time it happened we had a show in Enugu. It was for the opening of a hotel and they brought a lot of girls from Ebonyi State University, ESUT...mixture na and we were the band."

"At that time I didn't know nothing, just playing and singing at the same time. There was a lady sitting by the side of the owner of the hotel. As I was playing she came up the stage and we were vibing."

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"She started spraying and looking at me in some type of way. After playing we went to a club in the hotel that they were also opening that night. Then the girl came to and was like 'remember me? You were the one that was playing' and I said yes."

The music said the lady then requested for him to her at the poolside of the hotel with her friends.

"That was it. From there she found out I was a virgin and she said 'you know what, I'm going to make you a man.'

Flavour and his baby mama, Sandra Okagbue [Instagram/2NiteFlavour] [Instagram/Ugegbe1]
Flavour and his baby mama, Sandra Okagbue [Instagram/2NiteFlavour] [Instagram/Ugegbe1]

The singer recounted how everything about his sex life changed after that night in the swimming pool.

When asked about his relationship with his first baby mama Sandra Okagbue, the singer said even though he wants to keep it private, they have remained close.

He also debunked the rumours that he got married to the former beauty queen.