Nigerian singer Timaya on Tuesday, November 17, 2020, announced that he welcomed a daughter six months ago with a woman.

Although very private, Timaya is known to have three kids from two women. His ex-girlfriend Barbara Nwokolo and Tamar, an interior decorator.

So it was a surprise when the singer introduced his baby and her mother. "Y'all meet my daughter MAYA. She 6 months old," Timaya said before mentioning Dunnie Onasanya, the mother of the baby.

People from the lifestyle and creative circles know Onasanya, but the general public does not know her.

Pulse knows everyone, so we have curated these three things to know about her.

1. Who is Onasanya?

Dunnie Onasanya is an American based studio artist [Instagram/DunnieO]
Dunnie Onasanya is an American based studio artist [Instagram/DunnieO]

Popularly known as Dunnie O, or Dunnie, Onasanya is a first-generation Nigerian American.

Multi-talented, Dunnie is a Visual Studio Artist, Muralist and event producer with a lot of following on Instagram. She graduated with distinction from the prestigious Tuskegee University where she obtained a dual degree in the areas of Business Administration and Sales/Marketing.

She currently works at the VisArts Center, Rockville in the United States of America as an instructor and has been featured in several international festivals around the world.

She performed a live painting demonstration of cultural masks at the Umu Igbo Unite Nigerian Cultural Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana back in 2018.

2. Previous marriage

Dunnie Onasanya and her ex-husband, Ibrahim Hassan [BellaNaija]
Dunnie Onasanya and her ex-husband, Ibrahim Hassan [BellaNaija]

Onasanya was previously married to Ibrahim Hassan, a video director. The former couple met in 2011. Hassan popped the question in 2014 before their wedding in Beverly Hills, California back in 2015.

Their wedding got featured on Bella Naija.

They, however, went their separate ways after a divorce in 2018. The couple finalised the divorce at the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County Superior Courts in Los Angeles, California.

She and her ex husband have a five-old daughter together.

3. Domestic violence survivor

Dunnie Onasanya has been open about her domestic violence experience [Instagram/DunnieO]
Dunnie Onasanya has been open about her domestic violence experience [Instagram/DunnieO]

The multi-talented artist is a domestic violence survivor, and she has been open about it. It might be easy to relate her domestic violence experience to her previous marriage, but she has never confirmed it.

"The thing is, domestic violence is not a respecter of persons. It can happen to anybody at any level, at any class, and at any situation in life. It takes a lot of courage to be able to move on from a situation like that, believing you want better for yourself, and if you have children, for your children," she said in an interview with VisArts,

"A lot of people don’t make it out, you know what I’m saying? So, I’m grateful that I’ve had this new start on life to be able to do what I love, and to be able to share and be honest about it."