There seems to be another side of the story as the driver, Henry Nnaemeka accused of molesting Dorcas Shola-Fapson has come out to say his own side of the story.

According to Henry, he was surprised when he woke up to calls from family and friends who were astonished to find his name on blogs and on social media and being addressed as a rapist.

In his own version of the story, Henry claims that he got a request from Ibrahim Eletu Way which was close to where he resides. On getting there he picked Dorcas Shola-Fapson from the said location but found out there wasn't a destination. He then went on to ask her for the location which she didn't. He also went to explain that she refused to tell him the exact location and upon his insistence, for the location she yelled at him.

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Henry Nnaemeka also said in the course of him stopping the car and trying to get Dorcas out of the car, she started making phone calls and speaking in Yoruba. Then she brought out pepper spray from her bag which she used on his face. According to him, it took him 45 minutes and the intervention of his family members before he could regain his sight

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It would be recalled that on Thursday, January 25, 2018, Dorcas Shola-Fapson raised an alarm over what she called an alleged rape and molestation from a Taxify driver

According to the multi-talented OAP and actress, the driver of the cab, reportedly locked her in the car and drove her to a random house and tried to force her out of the car. Luckily for her, she had pepper spray with her which she emptied on his eyes.

Dorcas posted receipts form the trip, the photo of the alleged driver, the pepper spray she used and caption them with a quote on her Snapchat.

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"Thank God I alwaysssss have my Pepper spray!! Emptied that shit in his eyes!!! Like wtf! He fully locked me in his car and drove to a random house then tried to dry me into it!!!! I'm home now guys, I'm fine. But i was fuvking shaking!" she wrote.

Taxify however, released a press statement where they said they have petitioned the Special Investigation Bureau and the Nigeria Police Force to persecute the driver in question.