Four students of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri were recently celebrated for

The students, Ekeh Isidore, Kizito Onyema, Aloysius Nwokedike and John Kenedy Kalu submitted the drone to the Electrical Electronics Engineering Department as their final year project.

Explaining how they were inspired to design a surveillance drone, the students said they were inspired by constant armed robbery incidents on their campus.

The students also said the idea was developed as a result of security challenges they were facing on campus and in their hostel.

While speaking to Pulse about the drone, one of the students, '  said:

'The idea of building a drone came up as a result of security hazard we've been having in the school. As part of what we need to graduate in the school, which is the project, we all came together to design a drone.

'Now the idea started from the school hostel when armed robbers used to come to the hostels and some other unidentified people would come to threaten the students and obtain their money.

''Because of these things and other students encounter with armed robbers invading our campus, we decided to do something very exceptional. Something that hasn't really be done before. We decided to design something that will most importantly cover the campus, take a surveillance of the school senate and also give a real-time record of what is happening around the campus environments''.

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Armed robbery attack in FUTO

Recalling one of the armed robbery incidents, Kizito said there were several incidences that occurred within the school campus when he was in lower classes.

He said, ''there were several incidences that occurred within  the school campus during my lower level years. The one I can remember vividly was during my first year living in the school hostel.

While doing my engine drawing assignment, I heard loud noise of so many students running into their rooms and banging their doors.

As a new student living in the hostel I got confused of what was going and ran like every other person did. After that, I was told that armed robbers came within the school hostel premises and that the Man O War men were chasing the hostel occupants inside before bed time''.

However, the students hope the Federal University of Technology would put the drone to a good use to combat the security challenges in the institution.

How armed robbers inspired FUTO students to build a drone