Since having relevant skills for the job is more important than having a relevant BSc or HND certificate, it is very necessary for every graduate to skill up to get the right job.

Employers won't give you the job only because your degree certificate is very relevant to the job without considering your skills and capability.

This is why you need to skill up whether you are employed or employed. To make this easy for you, here are three smart ways to learn more skills for free.

1.  Youtube

Upload your contents on Youtube
Upload your contents on Youtube

A lot of people learn new things on Youtube every day from how to design a website to how to edit videos as well as how to deliver a baby.

If you are a visual learner, Youtube is the best for you. Just go to the platform and search for it. You'll get lots of videos to go through.

2. Online learning platforms

Why burn your data all on Instagram videos when you can upgrade your skills for free on some online learning platforms.

Platforms like Lynda, Google and Coursera offer in-depth tutorials on a range of subjects. Visit those platform today and skill up.

3. Network

Networking offers you the possibility of meeting people that'll contribute to your career. Some of the people you've met at social and industry events could become your teachers, friends or mentor if you connect with them nicely.