Ghana-based tech entrepreneur/consultant, Kelechi Udoagwu, who in June accused Tizeti CEO Kendall Ananyi of sexually harassing her while she was a full-time communications director at MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology), says she always knew she was up against a flawed system.

Tizeti reinstated Ananyi as CEO on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 after suspending him for a month in order to allow for an independent investigation.

The independent investigation returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict in Ananyi's favour, Tizeti said in a statement, while also announcing that it had hired a law firm to investigate the scandal as well.

“The law firm of Olumide Sofowora Chambers, led by Senior Advocate of Nigeria Olumide Sofowora, SAN, C.Arb., was selected by the Special Investigation Committee as independent legal counsel to conduct the investigation.

"Olumide Sofowora examined the allegations, researched what actions would constitute sexual harassment, gathered relevant information from a number of sources in both Nigeria and Ghana and conducted a number of interviews, including separately interviewing both the accuser and Mr. Ananyi.

“Based on this investigation, it was determined by the independent legal counsel, which conclusion was accepted by the Independent Special Investigation Committee, that a case of sexual harassment had not been established.

Tizeti Co-Founder and CEO, Kendall Ananyi
Tizeti Co-Founder and CEO, Kendall Ananyi

“As a result, Mr. Ananyi has been reinstated as CEO of Tizeti Inc.,” the statement from the internet service provider read.

'Flawed system'

Reacting to the outcome of the investigation on Twitter, Udoagwu said she expected nothing different.

“I have just woken up from a long nap, and honestly have no reaction to the news yet. I have to decide if this is worth my time and thoughts before action. I have tried, but you can’t topple a flawed system when the people in it aren’t ready.

“Stay safe and protected, ladies,” she shared.

Udoagwu has also hit out at the tech industry.

"To everyone in power who claims to be building the future of this continent or #Nigeria with #tech. You are complicit. And you are a coward if you let Tizeti get away with this.

"Y’all have wives, daughters, sisters, colleagues? I stood for them, while you stood there watching.

"You may think this does not concern you but eventually it will.

"More women in tech, pls!” They scream. But what do you do when we try to navigate our way? You whip out your “manhood,” and can’t control yourselves. The Nigeria you build is the Nigeria your children will live in.

"Btw, the sexual harassment policy move is the desired outcome I, Kelechi, told them I wanted out of this case.

"They simply skipped the part where I also asked that Ananyi acknowledge or apologize for his dirty, unwarranted, unforgettable actions. See leadership? Such a mess," she wrote.

Ifeanyi Okonkwo and Patricia Aiyedun who were appointed as co-CEOs of Tizeti while the investigation lasted, have returned to their former roles of COO and CFO respectively, the company also stated.

Udoagwu's allegation was made amid a slew of high profile rape and sexual harassment cases that have dominated mainstream and online media platforms in Nigeria since May.