As the elections draw closer, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has intensified efforts to sensitize you.

Your visit to a polling station located close to you can be hitch-free once you observe simple steps illustrated by the body in charge of organizing elections.

How to vote

Take PVC to nearest voting centre: Your PVC is called the Permanent Voter Card.

It is issued to prospective voters who registered with INEC. It is created from the personal data collected from the balloters prior to the elections. Without it you cannot cast your vote. That is why you must take it with you to the polling station on the day you set out to vote.

The submission of your ballot paper in a box provided by INEC is the last process in the voting process.
The submission of your ballot paper in a box provided by INEC is the last process in the voting process.

Join a queue to announce yourself to an INEC official: When you arrive at the designated voting venue on Saturday, February 16, 2019, make sure to join a queue so that the election officials can begin with your onboarding process.

Orderliness is important to ensure a free and fair election so it is required that you join a line like a law-abiding citizen of Nigeria.

At the polling station, look out for officials wearing INEC’s garment. They will include members of the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) who are part of INEC’s temporary staff until the end of the elections.

Inspecting PVC: Once you have met with an INEC official, your PVC will be inspected to confirm its authenticity. Please oblige any of INEC’s representatives as they initiate this process while you are positioned on the queue.

Smart Card Reader verification: After your PVC must have been inspected, you will be asked to place your finger on a Smart Card Reader to confirm that you own it.

An INEC official will request for your PVC to complete this verification. Kindly be patient while they confirm that your name is listed in the voters' register.

Prepare to have your finger inked: The top of your preferred finger has been inked. This confirms that you have successfully gone through the compulsory verification process and can now cast your vote.

After this, a presiding officer folds a ballot paper inwardly and hands it over to you.

Now you can vote: Gently apply the ink provided at the private voting cubicle on your finger in the space where the political party of your choice occupies.

INEC has confirmed that you can vote with any of your fingers. Now that you have inked the ballot paper to vote for your desired representative in government, please proceed to the ballot box where you are expected to drop the ballot paper.

You have just exercised your franchise. Congrats!