Are you looking for how to sell iTunes gift card for Naira at best rates? We know where to look. It is Read along.

Multiple platforms are all over the internet claiming to offer gift card exchange services. Asides from providing very low gift card rates, some of them have very slow trading process and payment isn’t the best. You’ll find a lot of itunes gift card buyers on social media groups, continually trying to sweet talk you into trade your iTunes card with them. Don’t fall for it!

Finding the best site to sell iTunes and amazon gift card for Naira is however, not as difficult as you think. There are specific characteristics such a platform must possess before you consider it the best. Here are some of these traits;

Properties Of A Good Site To Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

  • An excellent gift card exchange platform is trustworthy
  • Its sales agent responds promptly and always available
  • Payment options are flexible and instant
  • Service is straight-forward, comfortable, and convenient
  • You can sell iTunes card for Naira at a high rate

It appears a bit much, doesn’t it? But, if you dig the dirt deep enough, you are bound to find the diamond eventually.

Be that as it may, you no longer have to get your hands dirty. We know the exact platform that meets these criteria and more.

Enough said, consider trading your iTunes gift card for Naira on

What is Cardtonic?

Cardtonic  is an online platform where users can easily sell iTunes gift card, amazon gift card, steam card, walmart gift card, googleplay card, sephora gift card, jcpenny gift card and others, for Naira.

You can easily sell gift cards in Nigeria on Cardtonic as you get paid directly to your bank account within 5 minutes.

Here is the exciting thing about Cardtonic, they are direct loaders. What do we mean by this, you wonder?

Cardtonic’s job is to redeem the gift card and pay you the best money value for your gift card. The platform is no middleman that sells to other people. As a result of this, you’ll enjoy the most reasonable gift card rates every time you sell iTunes gift card for Naira to them.

Guide: Selling iTunes Gift Card For Cash

Itunes card trade is the most common in Nigeria. This is because iTunes gift cards are more easy to access and buy in popular stores unlike other gift cards. So, to that effect, we have outlined the forms of iTunes gift cards you can sell on Cardtonic. Let’s jump right in.

iTunes Card Denomination

Most iTunes gift card buyers are picky about the denomination they purchase. Some of them don’t have enough funds to deal with higher denomination cards. While some of them have limited itunes ID accounts. Well, not Cardtonic.

It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $100, you can convert iTunes card to Naira on Cardtonic without any stress.

They also buy $200 single denominations.

iTunes Card Currency/Country

Cardtonic accepts all major currencies of iTunes gift card. Whether it’s the popular USD, GBP, EUR, or the less popular CAD and AUD, you will be paid for your gift card.

ITunes Gift Card Form

A lot of gift card buyers in Nigeria don’t accept one form of gift card or another. While some take only the itunes ecodes, there are others that buy only physical cards. As such, sellers feel a little restricted. Well, not anymore.

Cardtonic accepts both the ecodes and physical card. Ultimately, you’ll always get paid as long as your card is valid.

Guide: Selling Amazon Gift Card For Naira

After iTunes gift cards, selling amazon gift card for naira in Nigeria is also really popular. This is because a lot of Nigerians are now adopting the act of ordering online from, which leads them to need a lot of amazon gift cards.

However, some often want to convert amazon gift card to cash by selling it off, this is where Cardtonic comes in.

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards Accepted:

1. Amazon Gift Card With Cash Receipt

2. Amazon Gift Card With Debit Receipt

3. Amazon Gift Card With No Receipt

4. Amazon Gift Card Ecodes

5. Big single amazon Gift Cards

Other Gift Card Brands Accepted:

Yes, you can sell iTunes and amazon card for Naira on Cardtonic. But, their service extends beyond purchasing these two brands. Cardtonic accepts other brands of a gift card, for example;

  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • PlayStation Gift Card
  • Steam Wallet Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Gift Card
  • Jcpenny Gift Card

Gift Cards Not Acceptable:

  • Sell Mexican Gift Card
  • South African Gift Card
  • Russian iTunes card
  • Krone gift card
  • Turkey iTunes card

Now, you understand why Cardtonic is the most versatile platform to sell gift cards. Aside from its versatility, some characteristics place this online exchange on top of others.

Why Cardtonic Is The Best Site to Sell iTunes Card Online For Cash Instantly

Outlined below are some reasons why Cardtonic is the best platform to exchange iTunes gift card for Naira.

1. Flexible & Fast Payment

The essential reason to sell iTunes gift card for Naira is payment. As such, fast and guaranteed payment should come with the transaction, right? That’s not always the case when you’re using a fraudulent platform.

With Cardtonic, you won’t have to wonder if you’ll get paid for your gift card. It means, every time you have iTunes card or any other form of gift card for sale, there is always a trusted vendor that’s ready to buy.

2. Easy and Secure Transaction

Aside from a guaranteed payment, the transactions are as comfortable and secure as it gets. Aside from trading iTunes for Naira, you can also exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins. That’s not all; Cardtonic offers an option of getting paid in gift cards. That means you’ll be able to exchange one gift card for another easily.

3. Fast Response and Availability

Prompt response is essential in any business. Cardtonic’s sales agents are always online to address your needs and make it easier to exchange iTunes card for Naira. Furthermore, you’ll get paid immediately after verification. How awesome is that?

Now that you are convinced Cardtonic’s superiority over other platforms, there is one final question to ask, how can you sell iTunes card and sell amazon gift card for Naira on Cardtonic?

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

Trading on Cardtonic takes only 5 easy steps. They include;

Step #1: Visit the website;

Step #2: Contact them on Whatsapp (07060502770)

Step #3:  Ask and accept gift card rates

Step #4: Send unused gift card

Step #5: Get paid almost instantly

Not only is the transaction the easy, but also takes just five minutes to complete. Checking the validity of your gift card before contacting the sales agent is advisable. It encourages mutual trust and satisfying transaction experience.

How Much Is iTunes Gift Card Rates On Cardtonic

Being a direct loader, Cardtonic offers one of the best rates in the business. So if you are asking questions like how much is $25 itunes card to naira, how much is $15 itunes card in naira, how much is $100 itunes card in naira, Igtcrader got interesting rates for you.

Right now, a $100 gift card goes for 25,000 naira on Cardtonic. But rates are not constant, they vary with time. Always verify current rates when trading with the platform.

Wrapping Up

Selling iTunes gift card online is a risky venture. Loads of scammers are after the value which your card holds.

As such, finding an online vendor that you can trust is a challenge. Well, not anymore. Aside from being trustworthy, Cardtonic offers one of the best rates in the business. The platform is user-friendly, and transactions are quick and secure.

Are you looking for a trusted site to exchange iTunes for Naira? Contact us here;


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