Abbas in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 in Kano, prayed to God to give the embattled monarch the strength to withstand his calamities

He also said that the emirate and the state were undergoing a trying period and needed abundant prayers, adding that it was wrong for people to question the traditional institution or State Government on the present situation.

According to him, every society has its tradition, culture and beliefs.

We should not condemn ours to the extent that others will insult us over our own problems.

“Sometimes, our opinions don’t count. So, in situations like this, we need to be submissive to the Almighty for guidance and solace,’’ Abbas said.

He called on all well meaning Nigerians to include Kano in their prayers at this trying period, saying that the situation could happen anywhere else.

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While we pray that the deposition becomes the best interest of the state and Emir Sanusi, we also pray that the new Emir Aminu Bayero, faces the challenges ahead of him.

“Both of them are the sons of the city and we can’t choose one and discard one. People should know that the interest of the land comes first before anything else,’’ he said.

The deposition of Muhammad Sanusu II and the installation of Alhaji Aminu Bayero by the state government in Kano had continued to generate mixed reactions among residents.