A Sports Medicine Practitioner in Ekiti Sports Council, Emmanuel Ige, on Thursday advised Nigerians, especially civil servants to embark on regular exercises to keep them healthy.

Ige, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ado-Ekiti, described exercises as good medicine to revitalise the body.

He explained that keep fit exercise was one of the most beneficial choices that an employer or establishment could make use of for maximum productivity.

‎He advised civil servants, employers and individuals to carry out exercises for at least 30 minutes daily for their well being and good health.

Ige said that it would enable employees to reach their full potential, adding that they were also less likely to get sick than those who did not exercise their body.

The medical practitioner said that most of the employees would be more effective in their various offices if they devoted quality time to exercising their bones on regular basis.

“Exercise has the ability to decrease the amount of stress from physical and emotional tensions felt by civil servants.

“Employees who are not stressed are more focused, positive and happy.

“Their minds allow them to focus on work which means they contribute to a much higher level of productivity.

“Exercise gives employees a feeling of self confidence, creates a sense of poise and allows them to set higher goals and strive for excellence,’’ he said.