When taking breaks is not an option...

When people seek to take breaks from their relationship, it’s either because the relationship has lost its spark, become too stressful and filled with unbearable, negative energy.

Sometimes, it could be due to a nagging issue that just won’t go away, and has degenerated to a regular cause of squabbles, thereby necessitating that the couple take some time apart to clear their heads and consider their options.

Absurdly at other times, it could be due to a need to date other people. Some people seek to take breaks in order to focus on other things such as career or education.

And in some cases, the person seeking a break could just be fed up of the relationship as a whole and just seeks an easy way out.

Suspicious partner [Credit - iStock]
Suspicious partner [Credit - iStock]

But is it cool or not to even go on these breaks

There’s no consensus on what is right or what is not, when it comes to taking breaks. Polarising opinions are always aired when it comes to how people view the issue. Some say it’s cool and some say it’s not.

 On the assumption that it does not make sense to to take relationship breaks. What other option does a person have when their relationship reaches that certain place that should have neccessited a break?

If your relationship is rotting away, becoming too toxic and getting filled with more and more gloom rather than happy moments, what do you do when taking a break is not an option?

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Communicate some more

If everything seems to be falling on deaf ears so far, try for a while longer. Communicate your problems, dissatisfaction and unhappiness as emphatically as possible. Maybe change the approach, be a little more tactful in passing the message across.

But by all means, be exhaustive with communication so that you can be confident in saying you did your best to communicate the problem if the other person refuses to take the cue.

What if you catch a partner cheating [Credit: Binhu]
What if you catch a partner cheating [Credit: Binhu]

Seek help

Therapy isn’t so popular around these parts but that should not stop you from seeking external help for the relationship.

When all your appeals and attempts at communication do not yield the desire results, this is another thing to try.

Break up

In the end, this might be what you have to resort to in place of taking a break.

If all the other things you have tried to do for the continuation of the relationship fail, then leaving it for good may just be what you need to do.