Being in a relationship is really not as important as being in a healthy relationship, so you don't have to put up with toxicity.

How people date and fall in love in 2019 is surely different from how it was done in the 80s and 90s.

Regardless of the things that have changed, the relationship behaviours listed below are still as toxic as ever and should have no place between couples who intend to stay together for long.

One of the craziest things anyone can do is to manipulate a partner into staying with them [Credit - iStock]

1. Keeping score

If you choose someone to be in a relationship with, it is expected that you are willing to stick with them through their mistakes and also be willing to always forgive.

Therefore it does not make a lot of sense if, instead of forgiving your partner’s mistakes, you choose to keep score and hold their errors over their head all the time.

Quit it.

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2. Manipulation

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for someone, but once that crosses the line of trying to manipulate someone into doing something they’re not really feeling, it is totally uncool, just as it has been over all the years.

A relationship where partners keep score of wrongdoings is definitely not a healthy one (Credit - Ebony Magazine)

3. Gaining attention with jealousy

People often try to use other people to regain the straying attention of their partner.

So, Dayo's relationship with Zainab isn't really going smoothly because she has had to focus a lot on work problems for about one month. Dayo has complained over and over about how she's not giving him enough time and proper attention.

So, to bring Zainab's mind 'back home,' Dayo starts to openly flirt and communicate with Amarachi, hoping that Zainab will notice this and put back more effort into the relationship.

No matter how bad things get between you and your partner, you should never bring anyone else into the mix.

What if you fall into the mistake of actually cheating with that other person? Instead of taking this risky move, communicate with your partner. Communication remains very potent.