Judging by how much emphasis is placed on the blessings and sometimes, permission of parents on whom their kids would spend the rest of their lives with, the question above is a valid, important one with serious ramifications for people who ever find themselves caught between love and a parent’s blessing.

We asked a couple of people to tell us what they’d do if they ever find themselves in this situation and here’s what they have to say?


“You'll sit with your parents and understand the reason behind that. If it's lame or some personal, religious or cultural bias, then you can ignore them and try to convince them to accept her because you aren't leaving her.”

Many young people are cool with reasoning with their parents first before taking any other decision. [Credit: Money Matters With Nimi]


“Really that would leave me in a tight spot. The job is to find out why they don't like her and convince them.”


“Of course we want our family to appreciate and like our other halves as much as we do, but if that is not possible as at that time, I will go all out with my partner and with time they (parents) will come around some day. As long as I like my other half.”


"Try to convince my folks. And then if they don't, realize that I'm really after who makes my body tingle."


“Sincerely, probably because I'm the rebel in my family, I don't care. I have come to realize that my choice of a life partner isn't based on whether or not my parents would like you. Because I have dated picture-perfect guys that are my parents’ perfect idea of what my partner should be and they turned out to be TRASH!

“So my thing is, if I KNOW that this person loves and respects me and would make ME happy and make MY life a wonderful one, I really don't care if my parents like him or not. Laslas, na me go marry am. So please dears.”

For many, introducing bae to their parents is just that. Not a request for their permission. [Credit - Ebony Life/Wedding Party Movie]
Ebony Life/Wedding Party Movie


“Complicated. It depends on the reason they give for not liking her. I'm not dating her for them, but I also don't want a divided home where I'll have to choose a side. If their reasons are plausible, I might accept it.

However, those reasons are usually born of conservative standards. Before I take any girl to my folks, I must really love her. If I love her, then it means she ticks my boxes. So, whatever they say will probably be what I can work around. No amount of dislike will probably make me drop my partner.”

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“Depends how much I loved him. I would try and act like a peacemaker.”


“It’s going to be me against them because i won't be influenced by their decision. Why would my parents not approve of my partner when they don't really know the person? All I need from them is their support and love... if the marriage doesn't work out later, I’ll face the consequences.”

Would you let go of a good thing because your folks wouldn't endorse it? [Credit - Shutterstock]
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“I would have still married her.”


“Marry him anyway, I didn't take him there for consent, I took him there for an Introduction not permission.”


“The very first thing I will do is to ask why? I would have to listen to their argument on why they don't like her. That is the logical thing to do in my opinion before taking any other step, maybe if it's something she can change she change about herself.”