A scandal worth 83k was recently all over social media after a Twitter user revealed that that was how much was spent on a date before her partner left her at the place without footing the bill.

“I just got ditched by my date and the bill came in as 83K, please can someone come get me outta here it’s too early in the week for this” tweets SUGAR N SPICE ‏ [@browncandyx] on November 26.

It did not take long for reactions to start pouring in under the distressed tweet. So many of said comments dwelt, overtly and subtly, on the outrageousness of the money spent on the date and why it did not make sense for anyone to be spending that much on a night or day out.

Many others spoke against the lady for solely ordering so much till the bill rose to 83k, a claim that has later been denied by the lady in a series of tweets she later posted.

This episode is another indication of all the dating tips many people need and etiquettes they lack – for example: how do you take someone out on a date when you do not have money? And how do you order more than you can afford? How, also, do you abandon your date at a place?

Importantly now, how much is too much for a date?

More importantly to this piece is the question of dates and how much is too much when planning to go on one.

What is the price that no prudent person should spend on a date with someone they love or someone they are trying to get into a relationship? Even if it’s just friends or colleagues, how much is the price that should be considered by everyone as outrageous and overly expensive when dates are concerned?

Lovers on a date
Lovers on a date

The truth is that there can be no conclusive answer to this. How do you put a lid on how much money people can generally spend when spending power, class, taste, income, status and other determining factors are different from person to person?

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As our article here shows, there are actually so many spots where 83k can be spent on a normal date. Even more money can be spent on dates at other high-end restaurants. It is a matter of perspective, really. What is seen by some as an outrageous sum may be to others an unimaginable token when they think of what to spend on a date.

In summary, different strokes for different folks. Find your level and prudently stay there.

If you are newly engaged, here's the next thing to do
If you are newly engaged, here's the next thing to do

An important rule to consider when spending on dates

Having said that though, it is important to note that dates are not particularly there to make you go broke. You do not even have to spend so much to have fun and have a good time with your date partner[s]. Wise spending is always advised.

You may want to set a percentage of your salary that should go into dates and other fun activities per month. It may be 3%, 5%, 10% or however you choose to set it.

To arrive at a wise rate, ensure to consider other priority spendings you have to do per month.

Of course, you can relax the rule for special occasions such as first dates, proposal nights, anniversaries, Valentine’s and other special events.