Weddings are beautiful affairs, of course, but they never come cheap.

What typifies this mostly is the price people pay to get wedding gowns. The best wedding gowns and even some that are only just above average are often sold at crazy prices. [Remember, there's an ongoing recession in Nigeria at the time of this story]

The simple fact is that many people look for how to have the best weddings while spending as little as they can.

They try to cut costs in any way possible, so far it doesn't significantly water down the beauty of their big day.

This brings us to the issue of buying or renting wedding gowns.

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The trend of renting wedding gowns is very well and truly alive, and it is not a ridiculous thing, considering the price and other advantages of doing so.

Surely, having that gorgeous dress for just your wedding weekend will cost less than holding on to it forever. [Plus you'll have no use for it after that day.]

Apart from cost, you might also get a good range to pick from, since the price you are paying for the gown will be lesser than if you are buying them outrightly.

So, for Instance, if you are interested in wearing dress that would normally cost ₦250k, you should not be paying more than ₦30 - ₦50k to have it for that weekend, and creating some very precious memories with it.

There is a disadvantage of being unable to pass it down to your daughter for her big day, but fashion trends would have changed by that time, and your daughter might not be interested in wearing an 'old-fashioned' gown preserved before she was even born at all. So, that's not really something to worry about.

The advantages of renting a dress makes it a viable option for young couples who are just starting out, and have no intention of blasting a hole in their pockets in their attempt to have the best for their nuptials.

It is definitely worth considering, right?

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