For those looking for some inspiration, here are a few.

While some just want to know that you're listening to the little things, some want to be properly wined and dined. It's all about listening.

But what would a woman describe as her perfect date on Valentine's day? Eating and staying in, or a flight out?

Stay at home for Valentines date [Mpumalanga news]
Mpumalanga news
Stay at home for Valentines date [Mpumalanga news]

Onyeka, 21, tells us about her best Valentines day ever: "I was in the University and it was our first Valentine's together. We had planned to go to the movies and do the normal movies thing but everything got messed up because of impromptu lectures (it was a weekday and the lecturer was a sadist LOL). Anyway, I thought Val was already ruined so I moved on. Then, the Friday morning came and he texted me to get ready for an outing after classes (most classes ended by 4pm on Fridays back then). So, I did as asked and got all dressed up and found a cab waiting for me outside my hostel, still thinking it was movie date, but it turned out it a trip out of state. I initially thought that I was being kidnapped LMAO. We spent the weekend in Osun state because I had mentioned earlier that I would love to see Erin Ijesha waterfall and it was amazing!!!!!!"

While people like Onyeka have had memorable Valentine's dates, some can't remember one that actually mattered. So, we asked them to describe what their ideal Valentine's would be like.

Guys, get your pens out!

1. "My ideal Valentine's date will be a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant with candles and petals on the floor, a beautiful dress picked out by him, a cake, of course, and a bottle of red wine (because i'm a red wine lover)." - Ese

Black couple on a romantic date [Capitalfm] Black couple on a romantic date [Capitalfm]

2. "My ideal Valentine day...or weekend (wink wink) will begin with a surprise message from bae telling me to pack up for a weekend getaway at a fancy resort. When I am done, I will get a call from a driver telling me to come downstairs, with my boo at the back seat waiting for his princess (me) before we take a ride into the sunset at our resort. PS: Bae, kindly make this resort outside this country. Thank you." - Mary

3. "My ideal date would involve my date sending me money to buy a whole new outfit or choosing one and sending it to me before the date. I like a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to give his woman the best. He would then pick me up and take me for a lovely sushi meal (I love sushi). After eating, he would drive me to a private garden or space which he has decorated and provided dessert, a bottle of champagne and a seat under the stars. Afterwards, we would spent the night in a hotel and the next day, he would have organised a spa morning to relax from all the previous evenings festivities. We would then go for a post-Vals brunch to top it all off." - Angela

4. "A perfect date will be a helicopter ride around Lagos in the evening and then a dinner on a yatch." - Lumi

5. "So my typical valentines day would be: Wake up in the morning to a poem by my lover [with] him reading the poem o, and then he kisses me and directs me to a table already set with breakfast. We eat and he tells me about how lucky he is to have me in his life. Afterwards, we do the dishes together and get into the room and he shuts the windows, turns on the music player and plays 'Everything I do' by Brandy or 'African Queen' by Tuface and we dance... Just the two of us in our world. Then, we make love and fall asleep. [When] we wake up, [we] make lunch together, NETFLIX AND chill to a romantic movie with a bottle of wine. We play a game called 'What I would love moving forward,' we make out again and probably sleep off in each others arms till the next day when we prepare for work." - Ray.

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