Looking for gift ideas for your partner, friend or loved one? We've got you.

Not a lot of men are used to getting gifts on special occasions. It may be because trying to gift men can actually drive you crazy.

Ladies, not everytime boxers and singlets. Sometimes, a trip to the Bahamas!

We asked a few men what ideal gift they'd like to get on Valentine's day (from their mouths to God's ears), and we got some pretty interesting answers.

What men want to get for Valentine's day [Deposit photos] What men want to get for Valentine's day [Deposit photos]

So, feel free to draw some inspiration from their answers!

  1. "A week-long trip to The Bahamas with my lover." - David
  2. "Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i HeadPhones." - Ehis
  3. "Pink Manchester United jersey." - Ayomide
  4. "A vintage white wine would be an ideal gift for me." - Gbenga
  5. "For Valentine, apart from the hangout and professing of renewed love, gift items such as T-shirt, pant trousers and undies will go along a way to complement the day." - Remi
  6. "Adidas sneakers." - Odion
  7. "JBL waterproof bluetooth speaker (Xtreme)." - Steve
  8. "A box filled with simple and classy-looking wears, leather shoes and loafers and a very sexy perfume. The we could do an outdoor dinner afterwards and then everything else." - Toyin
  9. "An Apple watch." - George
  10. "Flowers and chocolate... no... correct dinner at a very expensive Chinese restaurant. Like Chai Tang or Pearl Gardens." - Feranmi