Just as we are different and at the same time alike in our African cultures, so is our methods of cooking Jollof. From Senegal to Togo to Liberia, check out how other countries cook their Jollof rice.

Jollof rice is one of the most common dishes in West Africa, tracing back its origin to the Senegambian region ruled by the Jolof Empire. It is consumed in Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Mali and Ivory Coast. The main ingredients are rice, tomato paste, palm oil (in some regions), onions, salt, spices and pepper, though recipes may differ from region to region.

Jollof rice is the rice that goes platinum with no features. However, different countries have their way of garnishing the delicious delicacy.

1. Senegal Jollof (Red Rice)

Thieboudienne is also known as Ceebu Jen, riz au poisson, thiébou dieune, tíe biou dienne and thieb-ou-djien in Senegal. It is a rice and fish dish that has a distinctive taste. Nigeria's current Minister of Information and Culture once declared Senegalese Jollof rice as the champion of the Jollof Rice Wars.

2. Cameroon Jollof

The method of cooking is very similar to most.

3. Togo Jollof (Recette du riz au graz)

4. Mali Jollof

This Malian jollof rice is done with less tomato than usual and ends up looking more like Chinese rice than Jollof.

5. Liberia Jollof

6. Congo Jollof

7. Sierra Leone jollof

Jollof that you have to eat with stew, is that one Jollof?

8. Gambia Jollof (Benachin)

Gambian Jollof once beat Nigeria and Ghana at an actual Jollof Rice contest organized by Ghana Tourism Authority. It is very similar to Senegalese Jollof rice.

9. Botswana Jollof

The Botswana Jollof is the only one from Southern Africa on the list. That might account for the fact that it looks nothing like Jollof rice.

10. Ghana Jollof

Ghanaian Jollof is one of the strongest contenders of the Jollof crown. Ghanaians in the house!?

11. Nigeria Jollof

We might be biased, but we hereby name Nigerian Jollof the champions of the Jollof Wars! Even Mark Zuckerberg agrees with us.

Which country do you think should hold the crown?