5 places to see in Nigeria before they disappear

Thanks to man-made activities, global warming and natural disasters, these places are on the brink of being wiped off.

5 places to see in Nigeria before they disappear

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Nigeria has so many heritage sites and monuments left to ruin due to the absence of infrastructure.

Some of these places are amazing and it’s just sad that one day these places might just cease to exist.

Visit these places before they disappear:

Sungbo's Eredo is a 6500 kilometres square cluster of community earthworks that run for about 16,000 kilometers in the Benin rainforest zone. The core of this cluster consists of tightly packed small settlement enclosures with narrow cordons sanitaires (no-man's-lands), and date back to about the C8th A.D. On the periphery, the earthworks have larger, wider-spaced primary enclosures (including that of Benin itself), much broader cordons sanitaires and date up to about the C15th A.D.

The Niger Delta is fringed by a deep belt of mangrove forest, which protects vast areas of freshwater swampland in the Inner Delta. The trees and roots provide rich habitats for a wide range of flora and fauna, much of which is only just beginning to be understood.

Kwiambana ruins lie on and around a twin-peaked granite mountain in what has been an inaccessible area of the Kwiambana Game Reserve. The well-preserved mud structures are enclosed by a five to seven-metre high bank and ditch which becomes a mud-block wall with loopholes where the circular town wall passes over bare rock and is a natural coursed rubble wall along with many other sections.

There are some low free-stone walls enclosing the steep hillside and several level sites where houses may have been constructed.

The Oban Hills rainforest lies in the southern section of the Cross River National Park and adjoins the Korup National Park in Western Cameroon.

The steep-side hills are covered in ancient rainforest and serve as a crucial link between two sections of the Oban Hills.

Built between 1095 and 1134 by Sakri Gijimasu and completed in the 14th century, the Kano city walltells the story of Kano in a nutshell.

The solid walls were constructed using mud and an ancient technique to fortify the city. In fact, parts of the wall are still standing till today.


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