Talent manager Tene Ighor has launched a new premium beauty line to revolutionize ladies' beauty and lifestyle needs who cherish comfort and put premium on looking good.

The beauty line Party Girl 21 comes with its new eyebrow product. According to Ighor, Party Girl 21 eyebrows are the product of years searching for a durable and comfortable beauty alternative.

It comes with a unique offer that ensures a painless routine to help any lady bring out the perfect arch and stand out in a sea of faces.

The proudly Nigerian product line is rolled out nationwide and available by direct order to Party Girl 21 representatives available via all their channels.

Plans are being concluded to onboard dealership deals with stores nationwide.

Party Girl 21's founder, Ighor understands the lifestyle needs of ladies bringing on board years of experience as a manager to some of Nigeria's top entertainers and an On-Air Media Personality. She has previously worked with Cool TV/ Cool FM Group, Rhythm FM and Temple Management Company.

"Party Girl 21 or you can call it PG21 is truly a brand I created at a time where I wanted or needed confidence," she said.

"So, I created this alter ego of a girl that I wanted to feel and be like. She is bold, hardworking friendly, takes on the world and dominates in every field, charitable whilst remaining gracious.

"I feel like a lot of women, young girls, have their inner party girl waiting to be unleashed the girl that has it all, can do it all and still looks fabulous. I figured. The world is a party, and we are all party girls."

The Party Girl Eyebrow is the first of many more beauty accessories to be launched by the vibrant new brand with a strong brand promise to provide better and comfortable alternative for ladies' beauty needs across the world.