2020 has undoubtedly been ‘that’ year. With coronavirus testing us with the biggest global health crisis this generation ever saw, lockdowns soon became a thing all over the world. And how did we respond to the boredom and monotony of being trapped at home for months? Social media challenges! Loads and loads of them.

Now as the year races to an end, we bring you a round up of the best ones that Nigerians loved and vibed heavily with.

1. ‘Don’t Rush’

This viral challenge was one of the earliest and most interesting aspects of the worldwide lockdown. It started when in March, Toluwalase Asolo of the University of Hull posted a video of herself and her 7 friends passing make-up brushes and seamlessly changing from bland to glam looks. The song “Don’t Rush” by Young T & Bugsey provided the backdrop for their 1:26minutes video and all other videos in the challenge that later grew like wildfire after theirs. [PS: The video below isn't them].

2. Flip The Switch

Drake’s ‘Nonstop,’ was the choice song for this challenge which involved a lot of interesting outfit and character switches. As soon as Drake sings “look, I just flipped a switch (Flipped, flipped),” the light goes off and comes back on in an instant to show that a swap has occurred during the transition.

3. ‘Wipe it down’

Another outfit-based challenge, propelled by its own song. This time, BMW Kenny’s ‘Wipe It Down’. Basically the video starts with someone wearing one outfit and as soon as they wipe down the mirror, their attire is completely transformed.

4. The ‘Bop Daddy’ challenge

Think of this challenge as a Nigerianized version of the ‘Don’t Rush’ challenge. Although it began as Falz' male response to the 'Don't Rush' challenge, it was later jumped on by men and women alike.

As a result Falz’ single, ‘Bop Daddy’ enjoyed a very good run with this social media moment.

5. The Vogue challenge

This was a global rave sometime in June and the idea was simple: simply create your own magazine front cover. Nigerians caught wind of this and went in hard - see this article for extra conformation.

6. Duduke challenge

The Duduke challenge was a Nigerian challenge through and through. It began after singer Simi released the video of her baby song. The challenge saw people doing covers and making dance videos while cradling both real and unreal baby bumps. It is important to mention here that long after the initial challenge ended, Simi’s Duduke remains the go-to song for pregnancy shoots, baby deliveries and other baby-related themes.

7. ‘Don’t leave me’

Naija imported challenges but thanks to comedian Josh2Funny, we got to export one as well. This challenge is simple: make lame jokes with lousy word play, and then run or walk away from the camera while someone [typically the one recording the madness] runs after you with the chant of ‘Don’t Leave Me.’

This hilarious challenge had people participating from all over the world and being performed in various languages.

Whisper it: Naija to the world.