We will never not get excited about new fashion brands and Nola Black is certainly one that has peaked our interest.

Having been spotted on stars like Eku Edewor and Stephanie Coker, both veritable fashion girls, we know that Nola Black is a label that we NEED to know.

Nola Black, launched by Arinola Olowoporoku, is an emerging womenswear label that challenges the norms of the Nigerian fashion industry with it's interesting silhouettes and a unusually muted colour palette.

The label, who deals mostly with a monochrome aesthetic, creates bold and expressive pieces which are made to stand out. Not for the faint-hearted, it's a brand that celebrates what it means to be a women and play around with fashion in the most authentic way.

According to their Instagram, the brand aims to embody contraries, a direct reference to their penchant for black and white pieces.

Nola Black is a label for fashion-forward women who want to make statements with their pieces. The colour palette makes Nola Black versatile, easy to style and transitional; what more could one want in a brand?!

On their website, the label writes:

Nola Black is a Nigerian-based Contemporary Womenswear Brand.

For modern ladies and women, Nola Black offers high quality, finely

finished premium garments solely in black and white, to provide a combination of

contemporary quirkiness, transcendent artistic style with a thoroughly practical appeal.

The core of the brand and its aesthetics transcends into every aspect and association, which emphasizes harmony, counter-balance and duality in a dynamic system. Nola Black is a lifestyle brand that provides its customers with pristine yet soulful black and white pieces.

The soul/essence of Nola Black seeks to finding balance in all extremes and creating a harmony in an existing system. We offer fashion with a focus, providing quirky and peculiar fashion for the modern woman, representing the times, the woman of now. We aim to include women in our story of balance and harmony not just in fashion but as an ideology in life. Nola Black is an acquired taste for the woman with peculiar needs and wants in her fashion, lifestyle and life choices.