African Things was started to promote African designs and culture in our everyday lifestyle. Our African culture is rich in tradition, colour and excitement; but because of westernization, young people are rapidly losing touch with Africa, especially in their lifestyles.

Our mission is to change the negative image associated with Africa; from being poor and backward to being a hub for outstanding designs, creativity and growth.

With our African inspired bags such as Oju series, Roy backpack and Sisi backpack, you can feel connected with Africa in a more contemporary way and feel confident to say it is African.

African Things has grown to selling at more than 10 stores in Nigeria and we are still growing. Our products are now available at all Spar stores in Nigeria, Terra culture, Mega Plaza, School Kit, OSC stores and many more outlets.

No matter where you are you can get your very own bag from our online platform on Jumia or Konga links below

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Unlike similar African accessories companies, African Things manufactures in large quantities for mass production and retail in standardized units.

We do not make custom made items, rather we produce specific designs in large quantities. We also target Africans in diaspora and aim to be the leading exporter of African lifestyle products. We distinguish ourselves with multiple, easy to use and durable functional products.

Our designs incorporate African fabrics and imagery in a modern and innovative style.

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Let us promote our design from within Africa.

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