Getting a pay rise isn't a thing you wake up one day and demand from your employer. You've got to work for it and demonstrate it to your boss. After that, your chances of getting a pay rise might increase.

If promotion and salary increase are parts of your New Year's career resolutions, here are three steps to take to guarantee you a salary increase before the end of the year. 

1. Demonstrate your values

You need to ask these important questions before make a career choice.

For your boss to consider your pay rise demand, you've got to demonstrate your value. Show examples of how your work has developed over time and what value you've added to the organization or business.

2. Show responsibility

Again, before you ask for a salary increase, you must have taken you must have taken responsibility for improving your own skillset, efficiency or effectiveness. Show your boss the training or online course you have done to get better at what you do for the organization.

3. Highlight your achievements

Highlighting your achievements can prompt your employer to increase your salary.

It's also very important you point out your achievements and the value you have contributed to the business. What new thing did you introduce that makes you and your colleagues work faster and easier? Is there anything you bring to the table that increases sales? Did you get any compliment from clients? Let your employers know about all these. 

With these, you can make suggestions for your pay rise.

Taking these steps show you have done your homework and you deserve to have a pay rise. Your boss or employers too would probably be impressed that you love your job and you're so committed to it that you make extra effort to get things done and upskill yourself. And if you can impress your employer, you should be able to confidently ask for pay rise. You honestly deserve it.