A foul mouth odour -aggravated by gum diseases, cavities, malnutrition, dry mouth, lactose intolerance and more-is in no way decent.

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It’s very important to note that frizzy drinks and foods like onions, garlic as well as coffee and alcohol can also cause bad breath (these are usually temporary which can be treated by brushing regularly)

Bad breath/halitosis is a common problem in a lot of people which gets worse over time (with the stinkiest of breath!) if left unchecked.

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Soda, Water Mix


Soda works well to fight the odour and helps maintain the PH level.

Fruit Mix


Crunchy fruits where apples contain pectin which stimulates the production of saliva and eliminates odors with cinnamon serving as an antimicrobial agent- help clean the teeth thereby reducing plagues and cavities!

3. Chew parsley, basic, mint leaves and other green plants at intervals. They help to neutralize bad odors replacing it with fresh and minty breath.