Ever wondered what would happen to all the glitz and glamour of our celebrities without the make up artistes? Yes!! I wonder too. My name is Eric Gaga, and this is the story of my journey to making up some of the biggest Nigerian celebrities.

One of my most recent Jobs was for the Music Video Efejoku by Lil Kesh featuring Viktoh. In my experience, this was by far the most tedious as i had to make up thirty gorgeous models for the job. Trust me working with so much women and with the little time available, it was daunting. However, with a director like Unlimited LA in charge, somehow, everything feels easier.

All the experience gathered was tested to the limit that night. Aside from this, being a male among so many women is not an easy job as one has to battle with their wits and drama, while trying to keep it as professional as possible. Here is how i was able to make up thirty models within two hours.

Blending is a most basic yet essential part of making up anyone up. Get this wrong and it would be difficult to get great results. Luckily, I happen to be very good at it so this helped me get through most of the girls in no time. After the first scene I had to switch to a Gothic look where all the models had to go on black eye liner and black lipstick. Considering the amount of dancing in this video, it was no easy job having to dab and touch up the faces of these ladies to keep them looking fresh on set.

Working with Lil Kesh and Viktoh was also a fun experience as they were quite flexible and friendly on set. Efejoku video is alone which a lot of people would love as it showcases a lot of dance scenes with extremely gorgeous women, as the musical talent of the star artistes.

Eric Gaga is the Ceo of Advanz cosmetics and a celebrity make up artiste. See more of his work at