Chizi Durus thick and luscious natural hair is lust-worthy. Luckily, the beauty and lifestyle vlogger is very generous with

An afro puff is the perfect quick, easy, no fuss style and the beauty is it lasts all day. You can wear your afro puff to run errands or for a formal event.

You can add chic hair accessories to take your puff from bland to bling too.

Take a look at Chizi's foolproof puff tutorial below!

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GLORIOUS PUFF on 4C Natural Hair - My Tips & Tricks| CHIZI DURU

Quick Tutorial

The Items Needed are:

Edge Control

Spray Bottle with water


Long head tie


STEP 1: Start by lightly spraying water around the perimeter of her hair, misting the front, sides, and back.

STEP 2: To lay the edges, get about a dime sized amount of edge control on the finger, and then dab it all around hairline, front, sides, and back.

STEP 3: Brush in the edge control, only brushing the edges. At the same time, slicking hair back with the other hand, slightly molding it for Afro puff.

When the hair is curly, you don’t want to brush or comb too much, especially when the hair isn’t soaking wet with water and conditioner. Too much brushing can cause snapping and breakage.

STEP 4: And lastly, to position the Afro puff higher and more towards the front of my head, she ties the head tie from the back and then crosses it in the front. Then pull each end of the tie to form the puff, and she pushes it up from the back so that the puff sits higher. To secure it, she just wraps the tie around a few more times and tucks it.

To get a faster result you can tie a scarf on your head before going into the shower, that way, the scarf would help add some sleekness to the look, you can take off the scarf just before stepping out of the house.