'Playing' up hair can be fabulous although it takes a lot guts as not everyone can manage the attention that comes with dying the hair.

(Working the hair up in different colours and styles tend to get the worst out of it except proper care is paid to making sure its in great state. For instance the hair must be intensely moisturized to maintain its bounce, shine and overall appearance).

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From you teens through the 30 (if you dare) you should go through stages of making sure your hair stand out especially colourful and there are hues to try into these years (actually by 30, you should dedicate way more attention to your hair as they get weaker at this stage).

These daring shades are must try on dark hair if you must make (hair) statement from your teens to the early 30s:

1. Spicy Red

This red is usually fiery red that surprisingly fit, though it stands out it blends in a rich red for extremely dark hair. This should be done especially around the teenage years and up to the early 20s.

2. Plum

Plum hues are less obvious and they blend seamlessly on dark hair while just giving it a luscious shine that looks great on hair everytime. They are shades that can be tried  in your 30s, they are sort of elegant.

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3. Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue hues appear like normal colours they only change colours at night, they are the 'glow in the night' kind of colour. They are lush hues and quite daring especially when they come alive at night.

4.Original Black

Original black appear intensely moisturizing and bold. They are great to use from the mid 30s

5. Radiant Copper

Radiant Copper are more daring and playful hues and they work perfectly in the early20s.

6. Blonde/ Shimmering Bronze

Every 'crazy' person has tried the blonde or Shimmering Bronze look but it's important to work with a shade that best suits the skintone so it doesn't look out of place.

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Note that this colour dries out the hair much more so its important to keep hair moisturized and adequately catered to.

NOTE: The colours above have been chosen based on colour marks from Softsheen Carson Dark & Lovely range which are known to intensely moisturize the hair as well as condition it to avoid breakage, you can pick up these colours in your favourite brand.

Which ones are you willing to try out?