You Don Hit My Car singer, Tony Tetuila, real name Anthony Olarenwaju Awotoye, who is gunning for a seat in the Kwara State House of Assembly, has shown that he surely has listening ears and will listen to his constituents if he gets into the House.

When former member of 1990s Nigerian rap group, Remedies came out few days ago with his intention and his political posters, he flaunted the blond hair he was known for as an entertainer.

That poster and hair brought a lot of attack on his person, with some saying he is not serious and does not know that politics is a very serious business and not meant for riff-raffs, while many of his entertainment colleagues lambasted him for adorning the blond hair in the poster.

Well, Tony Tetuila has decided to sacrifice his much loved and well maintained hair and brand to show his people that he is really serious about representing them and that he would listen to their complaints and take necessary steps when he gets there.

In a new poster he made, he actually covered his head with a cap; though there seems to be some tuft of blond hidden somewhere.

Hope people are seeing this sacrifice made by Tony Tetuila!

'Olarenwaju Omo Wa Ni!!!'