When no one is telling your story, you have to just do it yourself.

Thats what Senegalese friends

Tired of not seeing anything about the beautiful culture and terrorism of their country they created the account to highlight the wonderful sights and places Senegal has to offer.

The Instagram account now has 40,000 followers and was featured on CNN's website last October.

"You want to find out about Finland? You can. You go on the Internet, see cool stuff and pretty much know what you’re going to do. You look up Dakar, Senegal, and there’s nothing.

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"We knew how beautiful this place was, but also knew that people who grew up here their whole lives haven’t seen most of it. We want to be a reference for Senegal, the go-to place to know what to do and who to meet" co-founder Mamadou Wane told CNN about the reason why the account was created.

With the success of Dakar Lives, the founders have launched a website that acts as a guide to the hot and popping places in Senegal and a directory of sorts for people who want to check out the top bars and restaurants in Dakar.