Readers want Reno to put his mother in check

53% of Pulse Nigeria Poll readers believe that Yewande should insist Reno stop his mother from interfering in their marriage.

This worried woman needs advice (Illustration)

It seems Reno cannot put his mother in check as he is still tied to her apron strings and cannot take any decision without seeking for her approval.

Read her story here:

"My name is Yewande, a 28-year-old married woman. I have been married for two years with a daughter but I am full of regrets because my husband is not the man I thought he would turn out to be.

I met Reno at a shopping mall in Lagos where I had gone to do some shopping. I was just coming out of a very bad relationship and I was so hurt by the fact that JB whom I love with the whole of my heart and hoped to settle down with could dump me so callously.

At that moment, I hated men so much and the last thing on my mind was getting into a relationship. Reno was also at the shop with some of his friends and the moment I entered the shop, I saw the way he was following me with his eyes.

I was very angry and dared him to come near me so I could give him a piece of my tongue. He was almost like stalking me all through and after I finished my shopping, I made my way to the pay counter.

After calculating the cost of my items and I brought out my ATM card to pay for the goods, the lady told me that they had been paid for. I turned in shock only to find Reno behind me smiling.

I was about lashing out at him but the smile melted me and I just thanked him and left. While waiting for a cab to take me home, Reno drove up in a Range Rover car and offered to take me home and I reluctantly got into his car.

What started like an annoying day for me soon dissipated and I found myself opening up to him. I was still not ready for a relationship but after three months of Reno's attention, I decided to give him a trial.

I found out that he was the only son of his very rich parents and they had indulged him so much but I did not know that Reno did not have a mind of his own. I only got to know this when we got married after eight months of dating.

I knew I had made a mistake because it turned out that Reno was a mummy's boy through and through. He never did anything without asking for his mother's approval and permission. I suspect he even took permission from her to make love to me.

Reno started comparing me to his mother; he bitched about my food; my dressing must be approved by his mother; I must act like his mother; his mother must approve of what we eat, and all that stuff.

At first, I did not see this as a problem as I thought he was still adjusting from being n only child to being a husband and a father.

But how wrong have I been because his mother is practically running our home.

She does not live with us but she comes in every day to supervise me and show me what to do and I had to do everything her way or there will be trouble.

My husband is not helping matters as he keeps telling me that his mother knows the best for him and that I must abide by her rules.

The woman is so overbearing that at times, I feel like killing her. She bumps into our bedroom at will and I am sure peeps into the key hole when we are having sex.

I am completely fed up and want to divorce my husband but the thought of my baby growing up in a broken home scares me.


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How Nigeria voted:

She should make her husband stop the mother from interfering in their home - 53%

She should give her husband an ultimatum to choose between her and the mother - 29%

She should divorce him immediately - 8%

She should bear with the situation for the sake of her child - 19%

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