Some women are not supposed to be mothers. That is the only thing that comes to mind when this story of a pregnant Ghanaian lady who allegedly committed suicide by jumping to her death from her apartment building after she caught her own mother having sex with her husband on her matrimonial bed.

According to the story that has been trending in that West African country for sometime now, the incident happened in an Asian country where the woman and her family lived till her mother visited when she became pregnant.

On the day incident, the lady had reportedly gone out to shop but when she came back, she met the shock of her life as caught her mother and white husband having sex on her matrimonial bed.

It was also discovered that the mother was pregnant for her son-in-law and all these must have triggered a suicidal tendency in the woman as she allegedly jumped to her death from the high rise apartment building.

This is how a twitter user described the sordid affair: