'Help: My husband wants to kill me with sex'

While many married women complain that their husbands starve them of sex, Miriam is tired of her husband's high sexual libido.


I know many married women whose husbands do not give them enough sex will envy me and call me lucky but I can tell you that my own husband is just so crazy about sex that I get scared anytime he comes back from work or during the weekends.

I must confess that before we got married, I was not sexually exposed because of the kind of upbringing I had.

Our parents were so strict that it was practically impossible for us to have such exposure because our lives were very much regulated. Our dad was an Anglican priest and we had to live in houses provided by any parish he was posted to and as such, we were not permitted to mix with the 'children' of the world.

All the life we knew was going to school, coming home, doing our homework and attending churches. I did not get to have a boyfriend until I was in my third year at the university and even then, I did not have sex until I finished my youth service and it was not a good experience.

The guy I met during my service practically raped me and since then, the idea of sex had been repulsive to me. I did not have sex more than 10 times before I got married to Deji and then, I thought I would be able to come around to loving it since it would be with my own husband.

But little did I know that my husband would turn out to be such a sex freak that he puts me off whenever he wants to sleep with me. Deji can go for sex all night and this is not exaggerating.

I remember our wedding night when Deji made love to me six times and was still willing to go for more.

He wants sex every night even when I am menstruating. He would make love to me about four times before day break but before going to work in the morning, he will drag me into the bathroom for a quickie.

I dread weekends because Deji would want us to have sex the whole day and when I complain, he would tell me I belong to him and he can have sex with me anytime and anywhere he wants.

I love my husband so much but his crazy sex drive is telling me and I am not sure I can continue with it.


Dear readers, different strokes for different people, you will say. After going through Miriam's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should?


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